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The Most Delicious Ham Recipes That You Should Try Right Away

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Whether you’re an experienced home cook or a newcomer to the kitchen, there’s something simple and comforting about a dish that only requires heating up some bread, a fresh egg, or some boiled potatoes.

And when that dish is also one that tastes heavenly, you’ll be asking for seconds and thirds.

Roasted ham is a go-to recipe because it is so versatile and perfect for all types of ham. You can make a couple of different dishes from it based on how you want it to taste, and according to ham recipes we’ve tried in the past, always end up ordering more.

Check out these amazing ham recipes that anyone can make.

Glazed Ham

One of the most delicious recipes has to be the glazed ham. This recipe is simple to make and only requires a few ingredients, but the end result is a truly delicious and impressive dish.

The ham is first coated in a sweet and savory glaze, then baked to perfection. The result is a juicy, tender ham that is absolutely bursting with flavor. This dish is sure to please any crowd and is the perfect addition to any holiday meal.

Herb Crusted Ham

Herb-crusted ham is one of the most delicious ham recipes out there. This recipe is easy to follow and results in a flavorful, moist ham that is sure to please.

First, you’ll need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then, rub a mixture of mustard and honey all over the ham. Next, you’ll need to combine some bread crumbs, herbs, and Parmesan cheese.

Spread this mixture over the ham, and bake for about 45 minutes. Once the ham is out of the oven, let it rest for 10-15 minutes before slicing and serving.

Honey and Brown Sugar Baked Ham

The sweet and savory flavors of the honey and brown sugar complement the rich, juicy flavors of a leg ham perfectly.

This recipe is incredibly easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. Simply rub the ham with honey and brown sugar, and bake in a preheated oven.

The result is a decadently delicious dish that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you’re serving it for a holiday meal or a casual family dinner, honey and brown sugar baked ham is always a hit.

Ham and Sweet Potato Hash

There are many creative ham recipes that can be made using leftovers from a ham dinner. One such recipe is ham and sweet potato hash. This dish is simple to make and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

To make this dish, simply sautee diced ham and sweet potatoes in a bit of oil until they are both cooked through. Then, add in any desired seasonings, such as salt, pepper, and thyme. You can also add in additional vegetables like onions or peppers, or even top it with a fried egg.

The Best Ham Recipes to Make at Home

When it comes to finding the most delicious ham recipes, you can definitely find what you’re looking for right here. These recipes are some of the best that you’ll ever find, and they’re perfect for making at home.

Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also packed with flavor. From glazed ham to ham and sweet potato hash, you’ll be able to find the perfect recipe for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try!

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