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The Most Common Types of Yoga: A Basic Guide

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What have you done for your mental health lately? It turns out that 36 million Americans are practicing yoga. This spiritual and physical discipline has stood the test of time, being around for thousands of years.

Combining physical poses and mindful breathing is at the heart of yoga. The benefits of yoga include boosting dopamine and serotonin, improvement in balance, and an increase in flexibility and strength. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

With so many types of yoga out there, how can you decide which one is right for you? Our guide below has got you covered. Take a deep breath and dive in.


Hatha translates from “sun and moon” meaning “force” in Sanskrit. It is meant to restore balance in the body. This is a recommended yoga for beginners as it is a catch-all term for the physical.

Its focus is on the chakras (energy points) where the energy lies in your body. Balancing the body and mind, you may feel your stress melt away, feel more physically fit, and even appear more youthful in spirit.


As you come across the various types of yoga, you’re bound to see Ashtanga on your radar. Learning this yoga consists of 6 different poses. Your yoga instructor will give you a pose when you have mastered the prior one.

Ashtanga is pretty physical yoga with hints of flow and spirituality intertwined. The benefits of this yoga include weight loss, discipline, concentration, anxiety, and stress relief.


Vinyasa is one of those types of yoga known as “flow yoga”. It is described as such since the postures create flow with controlled breathing. The poses are meant to mimic the movement through life (child pose, death pose, etc.).

Learning this yoga as a beginner would involve several poses including cobra, plank, knee-chest-chin, and downward-facing dog.

You will be practicing meditation with advanced Vinyasa poses. If you struggle with sleep, anxiety, and depression, you ought to give Vinyasa a whirl.


Kundalini yoga is also known as the “yoga of awareness” in which you’ll be practicing poses over and over again. The Kundalini Shakti is like a coiled snake and yogis believe that this yoga practice awakens it.

Learning this yoga includes chanting, pranayama (controlled breathing), and kriya (specific hand positions). The benefits of Kundalini yoga are increased cognitive function and a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Strike a Pose With the Different Types of Yoga

Do you now see the beauty in the various types of yoga to explore? Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there is something for everyone. If you’ve been practicing a specific yoga for quite some time, perhaps it’s time to switch it up?

The benefits of yoga will astound you if you are disciplined.

As you move throughout life, certain ones will be more beneficial to you. Be sure to come back to our blog regularly. You’ll want to read more of our health and lifestyle guides.

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