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The Many Benefits of Applying for Scholarships

It’s no secret that private school and college can be expensive. Parents and students may struggle to figure out how to pay. Are you in this situation?

According to U.S. News, nearly 30% of private school students receive some type of financial aid. The Education Data Initiative reports that once students reach college, that number nearly triples.

Financial aid is an option many pursue, but it’s a loan that will need to be paid back. What else can you do if there’s a school you want to attend, but you can’t afford it?

Applying for scholarships is an option that parents and students alike may overlook.

Scholarships will, of course, help cover the cost of school. The benefits of getting a scholarship, however, go well beyond that. Keep reading to learn about how getting a scholarship can enhance your education before, during, and after graduation.

Scholarships in Private School

Do you have a child who excels in school? Are they in a public school that’s fine, but not challenging enough? Perhaps you have a child who you know would excel if they were just in a smaller class.

Private schools have much to offer students for whom public school isn’t working. Smaller class sizes, a rigorous curriculum, and more personal attention are all benefits for private school students.

All of those benefits come at a price, which can make private school seem out of reach.

Private schools want bright, hard-working kids to enrich their student body. To ensure they find those kids, many schools offer scholarships to apply for. If there’s a school you or your child are interested in, contact the school to find out how to apply for scholarships.

In addition to any scholarships a private school may offer, check with organizations such as the Scholarship Fund. Many organizations provide scholarship awards you can put toward the school of your choice.

Some merit-based scholarships may require you to pass a test. Take the time to practice for it. Get more information on scholarship test prep here.

Scholarships at the College Level

Many college students find themselves in the position of having to work their way through school. Dividing attention between a job, their classes, and studying can be a struggle.

A student may qualify for financial aid, but they can end up paying for that assistance well into their 20s, even their 30s. If they decide to go to graduate school, that will increase the size of their debt.

A scholarship can help defray the cost of college and lessen your debt afterward, but it has other benefits too.

It takes effort to apply for and receive a scholarship. This sends the message that you are a hard-working person. Future employers will take note of a student who has worked hard to achieve their goals.

Many schools offer mentorships and other support to students who have earned a scholarship. This can be invaluable when adjusting to college life.

If you’ve received a scholarship through an organization, you may have the opportunity for some networking. Building connections while you’re in school is a good way to prepare for your post-graduation job hunt.

Applying for Scholarships: How-To

If you don’t know how to apply for scholarships, it can be a daunting task. Start by making a plan.

There are websites that list the best scholarships to apply for. Search for ones that match your needs and for which you are eligible. Make a note of all the requirements for applying, paying special attention to deadlines and fine print (don’t fall for a scam).

If there’s a school you want to attend, but can’t afford, consider applying for scholarships. Your educational dream can come true.

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