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The Main Types of Air Conditioners for Your Home

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Did you know that three-quarters of all homes in the US have air conditioners? It’s one of the most common appliances in homes.

You can use air conditioners (AC) to cool or heat a home. They offer the best source of ventilation during extreme weather – winter and summer.

Of the many types of air conditioners, there are those best suited for home use.

This article points out the suitable conditioners for your home, their workability, advantages, and shortcomings.

Central Air Conditioners

This is one of the best conditioners to use in a large home. It uses a system that regulates air through a ducted system. A central air conditioner has two units – a condenser outside and an evaporator inside the house.

This is the best air conditioner system since it completely cools all the rooms. It’s also more efficient than room air conditioners. Moreover, it’s quiet when in use.

However, it’s expensive to buy and install. Since it uses a duct system, a problem in the duct system can result in reduced efficiency. Additionally, it consumes a lot of energy when poorly maintained, thus increasing the electricity bills.

Window Air Conditioners

These conditioners come in different sizes and only cool a particular room. You can install it as a single unit on a window or a hole made on the wall. This is an effective way to cool a small room as it blows cold air in and it expels heat outside.

It’s easy to install and operate, making it an ideal home AC unit. The conditioner is also cheap and energy-efficient.

The fact that it only cools the installed rooms makes it unreliable when you want to control temperatures for the entire house.

Ductless Mini-split

A ductless mini-split is your best choice if you want to cool a section of your house without a duct system. The ductless mini-split combines a compressor and condenser fitted inside or outside a house.

These types of air conditioners are small and thus can fit in each room. Also, they are efficient and quiet when working. Moreover, you can control each room’s temperature separately.

A major con is that they are not favorable for cooling large homes.

Portable Air Conditioner

You can opt for a portable AC if you are aiming for temporary use. It’s possible to move the conditioner around, thus the name. It requires a power source, and a hosed conditioner will need a window to lead out the hoses.

A portable AC offers a quick solution for cooling a house. Since you can move the conditioner, placing it in a desirable position is easy.

Despite taking up floor space, it’s also noisy. Some portable ACs tend to break down due to constant movement. To buy a conditioner or an AC replacement, you can visit

Types of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners offer solutions on how to stay cool. Choosing the best type of air conditioner for your home can be challenging.

The above guide highlights the main types of air conditioners for your home. Knowing what to choose from will ease your selection process.

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