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The Long and Short-Term Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water

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According to the U.S. EPA, the average American drinks 1-2 liters of drinking water each day. Almost all of this water comes from fresh surface water and underwater aquifers.

Filtration plants and other processes ensure that the water you drink remains safe for consumption. However, even these intricate systems can sometimes leave drinking water contaminants in their supply.

When this happens, it results in people drinking contaminated water. This water can take a severe toll on a person’s health.

You may wonder what specific health problems may stem from this. If so, we have the answers! We’ll explore the long and short-term effects of contaminated drinking water below.

Short-Term Diseases Caused By Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water

The first problem that contaminated drinking water can cause is a short-term disease. Usually, these diseases stem from microbes.

Usually, these microbes come as bacteria and parasites. These pathogens then cause diseases that can cause immediate hospitalization.

Some of these diseases are more well-known, such as E.coli or salmonella. However, other diseases like legionella, giardia, and cryptosporidium can also come from these microbes.

These diseases usually affect people in developing countries who lack access to clean drinking water. However, they can also affect people in developed countries who drink from the wrong sources.

These contaminants usually enter the water supply through leaks and pipe bursts. For example, your local sewage plant may have a leak that infiltrates the fresh water supply.

Long-Term Effects of Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water

Some drinking water has subtle traces of contamination. In these cases, you may have long-term exposure to drinking water without noticing it right away. Instead, this contamination increases your risk of certain conditions.

For example, prolonged exposure to contaminated drinking water may raise your chances of developing cancer. They can also increase the risk of kidney failure.

Finally, people who drink this water can contract hepatitis. This disease can severely harm people with weakened immune systems, such as infants and senior citizens.

This sickness could also prove fatal for people with compromised immune systems. You can learn more about the threats of water contaminants here.

What Are the Symptoms of Drinking Contaminated Water?

You may wonder if there’s a way to know that you’re drinking unsafe water. If so, look for these symptoms.

First, do you notice that you’ve been having more headaches lately? If so, consider buying bottled water and drinking it. If you experience headaches less common, your water may be contaminated.

Other symptoms may include stomach problems, such as pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Although several issues may cause these problems, they could have their roots in water contaminants.

Discover If You Have Contaminated Drinking Water

Drinking contaminated water can cause several issues for a person’s health. In its most severe forms, it could cause instant hospitalization. In contrast, lower dosages could cause long-term problems in the future.

So, discover if you have water contamination today! Find a test that you can perform at home to detect any contaminants.

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