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The Latest Trends in Outdoor Furnishings for Your Home

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It’s no secret that the pandemic increased the desire for home renovation projects. Some pool companies claimed a 54 percent increase in demand in 2020 from the previous year and home extensions increased by 52 percent in the US.

In 2021, this desire hasn’t changed because people are still spending a lot of time at home and in their yards.

So, if you’re looking to update your patio furniture and invest in some outdoor furnishings, it’s a great time to do it. Not only is there more choice than ever, but you will use and appreciate it more now, too.

Not sure how to select outdoor furniture and need some direction? Here are the latest outdoor furniture trends for inspiration.

Outdoor Kitchens And Living Rooms

Many homeowners couldn’t invite loved ones into their homes for most of 2020 and 2021. So, they created an outdoor living room and kitchen instead of investing in more indoor home furnishings!

This trend has stuck and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

There are so many ways to create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Start simple by opting for a covered grill or pizza oven and buying a huge outdoor dining table that the whole family can squeeze around.

Or if you want to create an outdoor living room, choose outdoor furnishings with cushioning so they look more like couches. Throw blankets, pillows, and an outdoor coffee table will make you feel like you’re indoors, too.

Focus On Comfort And Coziness

When buying outdoor furniture, invest in multi-seasonal pieces. Choose outdoor seating with removable cushions so you can take them inside if the weather takes a turn.

If you live somewhere that rains a lot, why not build a terrace roof or a pergola that offers some protection? And if you don’t have the luxury of a Mediterranean climate year-round, a firepit is a worthwhile investment.

Put up some fairy lights, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and your garden will feel cozy whatever the weather.

Vegetable Patches, Vines, And Planters

In 2020 and 2021, many discovered their inner green-fingered goddess and planted vegetable patches. Even if harvesting tons of veggies isn’t your idea of fun, there are ways you can incorporate plants into your cool outdoor furnishings.

Instead of planting vegetables in the ground, salvage second-hand crates and plant in those instead. You could use them to create a cool feature wall for your yard and protect yourself from wind in the cooler months.

Or, build a pergola and plant vines at the bottom so they will grow around the structure. You get beautiful plants and shade from the sun at the same time. Win-win!

Use These Trends In Outdoor Furnishings To Update Your Personal Oasis

No matter the size of your yard or terrace, investing in some new outdoor furnishings will make it fresh and functional. Whether you love al fresco socializing or snuggling under the stars, there are plenty of accessories and home furnishings for you.

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