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The Importance of Symbolic Jewelry in Today’s Fashion

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It’s no surprise that the US jewelry industry is worth nearly 60 billion dollars. These are popular and easy-to-style accessories!

You’ve likely walked past people in the street wearing large symbolic jewelry. Though it looks nice, did you know there is often a deeper meaning to the charms that many adorn around their neck, or on their fingers?

If you’re unsure what the different types of symbolic jewelry are and why they’re important, keep reading. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the significance of prominent insignias.

Religion or Culture

Symbolic jewelry is worn for a number of reasons. From pieces with cultural and spiritual significance to personal importance, jewelry is a way to express yourself.

For example, different religions may wear pieces of jewelry that represent their beliefs. From the Star of David and the cross to the Islam text for Allah, many people opt to keep their spiritual beliefs close to them through jewelry.

This ecclesiastical jewelry is common and comes in various different pieces.

Some cultures also use jewelry as a way to express themselves. Many Indigenous people create jewelry and wear jewelry to exemplify their status or rank, which is passed down across generations.

Protection and Luck

However, others wear certain symbols for protection or luck.

The Evil Eye and the Hamsa are both believed to provide security and block negativity and evil from those wearing them. In some instances, you may find cultural rituals to cleanse all of the absorbed negativity from these pendants.

On the other hand, some believe that you can attract luck by donning certain symbols. Horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are thought to bring luck to the wearer, so many choose to wear this as a comfort piece.

You may also notice an influx of people wearing crystals. These are believed to offer everything from luck to health and wellness properties to the wearer.


Finally, some wear symbolic jewelry because it represents something personal to them. From unicorn charms that remind someone of their mother to numbers that represent the address of their childhood home, these options are endless.

Some also wear symbols because they like the way they look. If you have an edgier style, you can click for men’s skull rings that symbolize mortality and death. If you’re looking for something less imposing, butterflies symbolize transformation and freedom.

What Does Your Symbolic Jewelry Say About You?

Jewelry is an easy way to elevate an outfit. From shiny earrings that draw the eye to an elegant hairstyle to rings that beautify your fingers, jewelry is a staple for many.

However, jewelry is more than just a shiny charm. With cultural, personal, and spiritual significance, these accessories are a stunning way to embrace what makes you unique.

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