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The iFOREX Mobile App Provides Complete Coverage of the Capital Markets

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The iFOREX mobile app provides world-wide coverage of the capital markets through a mobile application that can be used everywhere. The app was designed to make the experience intuitive, allowing customers to easily switch back and forth between the iFOREX mobile app and the browser-based application. Through the app, you can execute trades, manage your positions, as well as deposit and withdraw capital. In addition, iFOREX offers a robust demonstration account that allows you to test drive the application without risking your own capital.

Why is the App Robust?

The iFOREX mobile application for iOS is brought to you buy a well-established trading company, that leverages its 20-plus years of capital markets experience to produce several trading platforms. The company offers a plethora of trading product that track several different assets classes. The mobile application allows you to trade nearly 90-different currency pairs, commodity CFDs, index CFDs, single share CFDs and cryptocurrency CFDs.

Global Reach

The mobile app is offered to iFOREX customers around the globe. The mobile app has the option to operate in several different languages. This allows the company to provide technical support, and a robust customer satisfaction experience.

The Trading Platform

iFOREX offers a web-based desktop experience as well as the iFOREX trading app. The mobile app provide access wherever you have cellular or internet access. The mobile app works in conjunction with the browser-based application and has a very similar look and feel. Both platforms offered by iFOREX have access to trading tools. You can trade using several types of trading orders, such as a market, stop and limit orders which provide customers with standard risk management tools. Both platforms offer trade execution, charting, technical analysis studies, education and a demo account.

The mobile application is easy to navigate, which makes trade execution efficient. Your key information such as your balances, positions, margin, and equity in your account, can be found in one place. The iFOREX mobile app has a charting software which offers access to the historical prices of all the financial instrument that are available to trade.

Demonstration Account

Before you begin to risk your capital or after you have developed a new strategy, a great way to test out your theory is through a demonstration account. The iFOREX  offers a demonstration account that allows you to use the mobile platform without risking any of your capital. A demonstration account is an excellent feature, as you can test drive your trading experience without any financial risk. You can generate trades, using the execution module and sample different types of orders so you understand how a trade will transact and how it will show up in your account. The balances, profit and loss and equity are based off a sample demo fund, that is provided to you by iFOREX.

iFOREX is a well-established CFD broker providing clients with a wide range of products, as well as, several fully functional trading platforms, including a state-of-the-art mobile app. They offer a wide range of tradable assets, along with a demonstration account. The mobile app is offered in several languages and works in conjunction with the iFOREX browser-based application.

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