The Future of Capsule Manufacturing: Innovations and Advancements in the Industry

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Hard capsule shells are comprised of two pieces: a body and a cap. The difference in the diameter allows the body to fit inside the cap easily.

The invention of hard capsules has been a big blessing to the health industry. These empty shells are needed for the delivery of drugs, vitamins, minerals, or other supplements. It serves as a safe and convenient packaging for oral medicament.

Several companies are involved in the production of hard capsules. A top name in the industry is Lefancaps. They produce hard capsules of different sizes needed for different medicaments.

How are hard capsules beneficial?

Hard capsules are typically made of gelatin that comes from porcine or bovine raw materials. Depending on the target market, formulation, and fill, manufacturers tend to control the type of raw material used. For example, some manufacturers use a combination of bovine and porcine. The former makes the capsule firm, and the latter contributes to the clarity and plasticity of the capsules.

Most hard capsules available today are made of hard gelatin type. This is associated with various benefits that are mentioned below.


Hard capsules allow a degree of flexibility in filling and formulation that is not possible with tablets.

Fast manufacturing process

Unlike tablets, hard gelatin capsules don’t involve a lot of manufacturing steps. This allows for the fast production of hard capsules.

Masking effect

The medicament contained in a hard capsule often tastes or smells bad. Thanks to the gelatin shell as it prevents the filling from touching your tongue. This makes it easier to take bitter oral dosage.

Various filling types

This is another big advantage of hard capsules. It can be filled with multiple types of solid medicament such as mini tablets, granules, and powder. Not only that but it can also be filled with liquid preparations, while the capsule is secured with a band.

Protection of filling

Physical factors such as pressure and heating can lead to deterioration in the manufacturing process. However, this can be reduced with the use of hard capsules. It is also helpful in reducing the number of additives in the preparation.

Easy to distinguish

Hard capsule shells are produced empty and they are available in a variety of colors. They can be customized as per requirement. The color is created by using natural dyes, titanium oxide, and tar dyes. Not only that, but you can also print text on the shells to make them easily distinguishable.

Suitable for drug trials

Hard capsules are ideal for clinical trials. For drug studies, tablets can be hidden in capsules.

Final Words

Hard capsules come in handy in the delivery of life-saving medications to patients. It provides great packaging for solid, liquid, and semi-solid preparations. These cylindrical shells are not only easy to produce, but they also protect the filling from getting deteriorated. It’s because of these reasons that hard capsules are considered to be a great invention in the health industry

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