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The Different Types of TD Credit Cards, Explained

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More than 175 million people in the United States regularly own and use at least one credit card.

Credit cards can provide comfort when unexpected costs arise, but without research, you could find yourself in debt.

If you’re interested in learning about the types of TD credit cards, there are several to consider.

Keep reading to learn about the best TD credit cards and how they can help you improve your lifestyle!

Double Up

One of the best TD credit cards for beginners is the Double Up card.

The Double Up credit card offers up to 2% cash back on purchases. Since this card lets you redeem points on everyday purchases, like shopping and entertainment, it is practical for most. For every $1,000 you spend, you’ll get $100 back in cash or deposited into your account.

There are no limits for cash back, which means you don’t have to worry about limits if your account is in good standing.

Business Solutions

If you own a business and need access to money, the Business Solutions credit card is best.

The Business Solutions card offers $250 cash back for every $1,500 spent. This may seem like a high rate, however, businesses tend to have higher expenses that qualify for the card. You can earn an unlimited amount of cash back, which most competitors have a limit on.

The best part about this credit card is that there aren’t any annual or hidden fees to worry about!

First Class Visa Signature

Big spenders and travelers are often attracted to the First Class Visa card.

With this credit card, you can earn up to 25,000 miles when you spend $3,000. You also get to earn 3 times the miles when you use your card on dining and travel purchases. Although there is an annual fee, it gets waived the first year and is reasonable considering the reward.

If you want an excellent signup bonus, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite cards are recommended. The Aeroplan First Class Visa card grants special access to free flights and vacations to members that earn points. The more money that gets spent on these cards, the more you’ll be rewarded!

Cash Credit Card

Whether you’re building your credit or looking for additional money, the cash credit card is something to consider.

As long as you spend $500 in the first 3 months, you can earn $150 back. This is a great card for college students and those building credit since there aren’t any annual fees and offer low-interest rates.

College students also prefer this credit card since they earn 3% cash back on dining purchases that include delivery and takeout.

Which TD Credit Cards Work for You?

Learning about the types of TD credit cards can help you identify the best rewards program for your lifestyle.

Depending on your needs, you can find the best TD credit card for business or personal use. If you are going to spend the money, you might as well earn cash back on your purchases. These credit cards offer financial freedom to many people and typically have low fees or none at all.

Think about your lifestyle to determine which credit card types are most suitable.

If you want to learn more about how to choose a TD credit card and manage your finances, read our blog for the latest info!

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