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The Different Types of Construction Equipment That Exists Today

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Heavy equipment dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians and Romans but grew even more in the 1800s thanks to the use of hydraulics and steam.  Today, chances are you’ll see several types of construction equipment when you drive past a job site.

While they might look the same to the untrained eye, not all construction gear performs the same job. Many different types of construction equipment exist today.

If you want to find out more about what they do, continue reading for a list of the most common construction machines.


Dozers are strong machines that have heavy-duty tracks and a blade. They push things like rock, sand, building materials, and dirt. Bulldozers are used in road construction, clearing, building construction, and wrecking.

Drum Rollers

Drum rollers are large compactors with drum-shaped wheels. They are used at worksites and construction projects to smooth the terrain.


Forklifts are small industrial vehicles with a power-operated platform in the front used to lift and move materials. They aren’t only used in construction sites but also in warehouses and other industrial environments.


Excavators are some of the best construction equipment to use on a job site. Excavators have a large operating cabin with a long arm and a bucket used to excavate, haul, and demolish. This equipment comes in a variety of sizes from mini to large.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are also known as basket cranes and cherry pickers. These lifts have a platform that raises, allowing workers to perform tasks in elevated areas.

Off-Highway Truck

This type of truck is a variation of the dump truck. It can work in harsh environments and haul heavy loads common in the construction industry. These trucks transport large quantities of materials and are effective in mines, large-scale projects, and quarries.


The best construction firm will have a backhoe because it is a multifunctional piece of equipment. A backhoe has a front-facing loading bucket and a rear excavating bucket. They can both dig and move materials.

Safety First

Construction teams practice smart management by prioritizing proper safety while operating heavy equipment.

Safety Glasses

When operating heavy equipment, being able to see is important. Safety glasses protect your eyes from potential hazards.

High-Visibility Vest or Clothing

Wearing high-visibility clothing is crucial to staying safe on the job site. It ensures workers can be seen, preventing accidents and injuries.

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Protective Boots

A good pair of protective work boots will keep your feet safe from injury. Worksites contain several hazards and workers often have to move heavy materials. Wearing a boot with a steel or composite toe minimizes injuries if something falls on your foot.

Proper Training

Operating heavy equipment requires proper training to ensure you have the knowledge to handle it safely. This helps prevent injury and increases productivity at the job site. Most states require a CDL license to operate this type of equipment.

Know the Types of Construction Equipment

At most job sites, you’ll find several types of construction equipment. This equipment helps accomplish challenging construction tasks, making them more streamlined and safe.

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