The Difference Between Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Consultants

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If you have an open immigration case and you’re moving to Toronto in the near future, it may be best to hire an immigration lawyer as opposed to a consultant. There is a difference between the two professionals, and you should know the distinction so that you can settle your case as quickly as possible.

Immigration lawyers tend to have more professional experience and training than immigration consultants. A number of lawyers in this field of work started out as consultants. Lawyers have more qualifications to handle your immigration case and can take care of the legal aspect of the process. This is especially important if you have to appear before a judge or go to court for any reason. A lawyer is regulated, so he/she is able to provide certain services that are not available with an immigration consultant.

Immigration lawyers have gone to college to learn the laws of immigration and have a law degree, while consultants do not. Of course, there are several immigration consultants in Toronto who are professional and competent. The consultants can be very helpful in your immigration case. However, a lawyer can help with more aspects of the case that a consultant may not be qualified to do. Once you get the proper paperwork from a consultant, it may be best to work with a lawyer to ensure that you’re filling the paperwork correctly and that you’re gathering all the documents and information you need so that you can efficiently enter the country. When the immigration process goes smoothly, you’ll be able to work, attend school and even get married without having to worry about leaving the country due to immigration issues.

It’s also important to remember that there is a government body that regulates all immigration consultants in Canada. However, the organization is fairly new and hasn’t had a chance to prove that it’s effective. The governing body also can’t yet verify that all immigration consultants are behaving ethically. Immigration lawyers, on the other hand, have to belong to bar association to make sure that they are treating each client equally. If lawyers don’t do their job ethically, they can be disbarred from the association.

Immigration lawyers are able to provide you legal advice so that you can go through the immigration case as easily as possible. It is illegal for immigration consultants to provide legal advice. If consultants are telling you what you should do in court or how to go about the legal process(es), you should report this and consult with a lawyer who can help.

Whether you choose to only work with an immigration lawyer for your entire case or your work with both a consultant and a lawyer, make sure that you’ve vetted these individuals. If you have friends or family who have gone through the immigration process, ask them for pointers that are within legal guidelines. Be sure to be honest with the immigration lawyer about your reasons for entering Toronto and submit the proper paperwork in ample time to process all your documentation correctly.

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