The Dangers of Gingivitis

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Are your gums feeling painful and swollen when you touch them? They will probably be red and easily noticeable whenever you brush your teeth. A visit to a dentist will probably diagnose the signs as gingivitis. It is a popular type of gum disease. Usually, it is mild with a little bit of irritation. However, gingivitis can develop into a more severe condition if unchecked. It is critical to take the initiative of consulting a dentist. On the other hand, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can conduct cosmetic procedures that can improve your appearance.

The Dangers

Gingivitis will start as inflammation and develop into complicated conditions if you do not seek medical help. It is easily detectable as a person suffering from it will show signs early. The inflammation, irritation, and redness on tissues are a response t the immune system to the bacteria. An infection occurs whenever there is a buildup of bacteria in the area.

The gums swell when the disease progresses from its initial stages. It affects underlying tissues and spreads to the bones. Teeth may start becoming loose, and the gums feel sore. At this point, the patient is at the risk of losing teeth and damaging the jaws. Gum diseases are the most common causes of tooth loss in adults, and it is vital to treat the condition early to limit its damage to the body. The disease can be severe, leading to painful and bleeding gums due to the infection.

Over time, if left untreated, the disease can become chronic. Studies indicate that the bacteria can make their way into the bloodstream through the tissues’ blood vessels. It can affect the lungs, heart, and other body parts. Some of the diseases that may arise from chronic gingivitis are arthritis, stroke, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and cardiovascular complications.

It is Preventable

Many adults lose their teeth due to poor oral hygiene. Taking a proactive approach to their oral health can significantly increase their teeth service. It is not only the aging who are losing teeth due to gum diseases, but the younger generation is. There are proven diseases that result from poor oral hygiene and gum disease. It means that gingivitis is preventable if you have a routine for dental hygiene. You can find tips on improving your dental hygiene to reduce the risk of developing the condition. Here are ways to prevent the disease;

  • Hygiene; it is recommended to brush the teeth two times in one day. The practice is preferable, during the day and before going to sleep. It is vital to floss the teeth to remove particles from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Dental checkups; regular dental visits to a dentist can help reduce gum disease chances of developing into severe conditions. They have the expertise of seeing the signs and starting you on treatment early.
  • Best practices; it is vital to know how risky you are of developing complications to manage your oral health better. However, ensure to follow the doctor’s instructions to keep your gums healthy. Also, drink a lot of water and eat healthy for general wellbeing.
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