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The Complete Guide to Hot Air Balloon Safety for Beginners

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Have you always dreamed of experiencing the world from a hot air balloon?

If so, you’re not alone. That’s because taking a hot air balloon ride is a thrill of a lifetime. It provides a unique perspective on the world around you that most people never get to experience.

But it’s important to understand that riding in a hot balloon ride should be taken very seriously. After all, you will be hundreds of feet off the ground, traveling in a basket without any type of significant safety device.

Here we take a look at hot air balloon safety that every first-time passenger needs to know. Keep reading to learn more.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Let’s start by talking about weather conditions during a hot air balloon ride. Keep in mind that you will be up in the air close to the clouds, so you’ll be experiencing the weather conditions in a very up close and personal way.

Paying attention to balloon ride weather will help you understand what to wear for the day and might encourage you to reschedule your adventure for another day.

Bring Good Sunglasses

Many hot air balloon rides take place at dawn or dusk. This means you can expect bright sunlight. So unless you want to spend the entire balloon experience squinting into the blinding sunlight, you’d be wise to invest in some quality sunglasses that help you enjoy the view.

Dress In Layers

When you’re up in a balloon, the temperature can change dramatically within minutes. Thus you should remember to wear balloon ride clothing in layers. This will allow you to shed clothing as the day warms up, and then add layers when things start cooling down.

The best strategy is to wear a light jacket over a sweater.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

It’s important to wear layers, but you should also focus on dressing as comfortably as possible. In other words, wear sneakers that you can move around in, along with a pair of comfortable jeans, a sweater, a light jacket, and a hat that will help keep the sun off your face.

When you’re ready to book a hot air balloon adventure, you can find more information here.

Avoid Alcohol

When you book a ride on a hot air balloon, you should take the experience very seriously. That’s why it’s best to avoid alcohol the night before and the day of the experience.

A Newbie’s Guide to Hot Air Balloon Safety

Flying high above the ground in the peace and quiet of a hot air balloon is an experience you’ll never forget. The key is to prepare yourself with these hot air balloon safety tips so that you can create memories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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