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The Complete Guide to Buying Statues for Homes: Everything to Know

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Have you ever considered buying a statue for your home?

Statues may seem like an odd choice for home decoration, but these figures are often rich in history and can tell a story about your family. They can also match almost any interior design style!

If you’re interested, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over everything you need to know when buying statues for homes. Read along to learn more!

Think About the Price

Naked statues made from wood, plastic, or other low-cost materials may be more affordable than large, heavy statues carved from marble or granite. Consider researching prices online before setting a budget. You can compare different prices from different retailers to get a good idea of what the statue will cost.

It is wise to search for statues on auction sites or marketplace sites to find potentially cheaper options. Be sure to also factor in shipping fees, as these can add up depending on the different statue sizes. In the end, it’s essential to consider the cost of the value the statue will bring to the home.

Considering the Size and Scale

A statement piece should not overwhelm the room or look small by the furnishings. To ensure that your statues look the best, compare measurements between the room and the statue. Bring the tape measure to the store and compare the statue’s measurements relative to the size of the room.

If buying online, make sure to double-check the measurements. Pay attention to the item’s weight and check the shipping and handling costs, as they can add up quickly if the thing is heavier. Finally, if the room you’re decorating has unique angles or points of interest, consider how an angled, or curved statue might accentuate the existing features.

Know the Different Types

To figure out which of many types of statues is best suited for your interior design and personal taste, you need to know the different types of statues available. You can find sculptures carved from stone, wood, and metal or cast from clay and plaster. Decorative figures that are not sculptures are usually made of plaster, ceramic, or polyresin.

Statues can also be antique or modern antique statues possess a certain charm like the western bronze statues. At the same time, contemporary pieces tend to be more abstract in design and incorporate more vibrant colors. A well-chosen sculpture can bring a unique richness to any home.

Consider Buying Statues for Homes Today

A home statue can be a great addition, but it is important to know the basics before purchasing. Remember to balance the cost, size, and type of statue to make sure it will fit with the existing decor.

Knowing these basics will help your buying status for homes be a positive addition to your home. Check our website for more information and helpful tips on buying statues for your home!

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