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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company Easy

Do you view external upgrades as strictly aesthetic?

You’re half right.

Curb appeal is a cornerstone of customer experience strategy. Naturally, you don’t want glaring damage or overgrown hedges to scare customers away. Yet, most importantly, these upgrades improve customers’ and employees’ safety.

For example, an unruly hedge or tree could injure an incoming customer or cashier. Likewise, roofing damage can be just as hazardous as it is an eyesore.

Roof damage increases the risk of harmful projectiles, water leaks, icky mold, heat, and more problems.

You’re already inundated with business expenses. Learn how to find a commercial roofing company that delivers long-lasting results.

Assess Your Roof First

Are you considering a complete roof replacement?

Take this valuable opportunity to reassess your needs. For example, your business may benefit more from a flat concrete roof than an asphalt roof. You may want to consider the cost-savings of solar roofing.

Consider the following variables in your estimate:

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of labor and project timetable
  • Additional construction before installation
  • Commercial energy costs
  • Old roofing removal
  • Tree and foliage clearing

Heat and cooling loss is a big money waster. The costs are even more detrimental when you’re running a business. Therefore, you may want to install a less porous roofing material, like steel or concrete.

Weight and capacity are also crucial if your employees regularly work on the roof. You need a strong enough roof to support the weight and robust enough to withstand repeated stomping.

You don’t have to perform your own roofing assessment. Since there are so many details, you can mitigate several challenges with local roofers. For example, searching for industrial roofers near me online will yield local companies that provide thorough assessments.

Do You Want a Fresh Eco Start?

A new roof is another opportunity to go green. Instead of just switching to email, you can finally prove your commitment with a brand new solar roof.

Solar roofing attracts local shoppers who want to do business with eco-friendly businesses. However, some business owners dislike the conspicuous look of solar panels. Alternatively, you can install solar shingles or panels on a second structure on the property.

Fortunately, standard commercial roofing types, like steel and cement, last decades longer than residential asphalt shingles.

Yet, owning a business doesn’t preclude installing wood roofing or asphalt shingles. These residential-like roof types provide a splash of charm to a business. Even better, you can install eco-friendly reclaimed wood shingles or corrugated bamboo roofing.

Choosing a Transparent Commercial Roofing Company

Honesty is a crucial yet overlooked trait. While anyone can feign honesty, the proof is in the actions.

One way to gauge honesty is transparent pricing.

Professional roofers who provide fair job quotes stand out from contractors who shy away from estimates yet charge by the hour. Unfortunately, despite lower hourly rates, you’re more likely to pay more in surprise costs and delays.

Give Your Business the Shelter It Deserves

Enjoy lower utility costs and improved customer experiences with a brand new roof. Remember these tips as you research the best commercial roofing company in your area.

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