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The Best VR Shooter Games

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VR technology may face challenges in the private sector, but gamers and VR enthusiasts are relishing the chance to immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

The best VR shooter games let you move and fight in ways you never could in the real world. You can roam battlefields, stalk elusive animals, pilot spaceships, and even explore new worlds.

To experience these, let’s look at the best VR shooter games of today.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunrise is one of the best virtual reality shooter games today. Released in 2016 by Vertigo Games, Arizona Sunrise is an intense, story-driven FPS set in the harsh post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland of Arizona.

It comes with a full four-player cooperative campaign. Arizona Sunrise offers intense and exciting tactical combat as you and your team battle hordes of intelligent zombies searching for a haven. There are also numerous challenging missions, from rescuing survivors to fighting giant bosses.

The game features an arsenal of:

  • various weapons
  • advanced locomotion mechanics
  • realistic effects

Arizona Sunshine also offers official mods and user-created content, making the game more engaging and rewarding.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded

Zero Caliber Reloaded is a high-timed intense first-person shooter. It is designed from the ground up for virtual reality. Zero Caliber Reloaded takes you on an engaging military story on your epic mission as a skilled U.S. Army soldier. The action-packed adventure lets you take a great amount of freedom in tackling every fight.

You can use harsh cover tactics and combine multiplayer cooperative action with friends. The game provides a range of fun weapons, including:

  • assault rifles
  • submachine guns
  • handguns
  • shotguns

It also comes with extra tactical gear like:

  • grenades
  • flashbangs
  • blades

The game has highly realistic weapon elements, including realistic recoil, reloading, and damage metrics, making it one of the best in the genre.

Space Pirate Trainer DX

Space Pirate Trainer DX is a VR game where players are equipped with two virtual weapons and takes on droids in a challenging game of survival. The action is fast-paced and intense, making you feel like you are in a real-world fight. The graphics are state-of-the-art, and the soundtrack is compelling.

The game is incredibly intuitive, allowing you to quickly learn the commands and master the system. The challenge level increases as you move up through the levels, making it exciting and challenging. The depth of the gameplay and a lively leaderboard system also make it stand out.

Pistol Whip

In Pistol Whip, you play as a hero armed with a gun tasked with shooting down bad guys and solving puzzles. The game features fast-paced action and avatar-based characters to help you progress through the game and make it a more immersive experience.

It also offers customization options for your weapons and avatars, so you can make sure they suit your preferences. You won’t have a hard time searching for your weapons. You can simply shop gun stocks online from various VR shops. The game has an arcade-style soundtrack that makes it even more enjoyable.

Enjoy the Best VR Shooter Games Today

VR shooter games bring you into a world of fun and excitement. You can team up and take on thrilling missions or face off against enemy rivals. With such a wide selection of VR games and different levels of play, there is something to suit everyone.

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