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The Best Time to Sell a House: A Helpful Guide

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Reports reveal that almost 40% of Americans cry during the home selling process, and 20% cry five times or more.

The reason? Stress.

Uncertainty over the selling price and worry that your home might not sell in the right time frame can reduce just about anyone to tears.

One of the best home selling tips for a less stressful sale process is to list your house at the right time of year.

When is the best time to sell a house? Keep reading to learn how to sell a house with less stress by picking the optimum season.

Spring and Summer Is Home Buying Prime Time

Data shows that spring and summer is the best time to sell a house, especially in areas with more pronounced seasons.

The reason? Buyers prefer to shop for homes for sale during the warmer months.

Getting out to listings is easier when the weather isn’t bitterly cold. Extended daylight hours mean buyers don’t have to view listings in the dark and can see the spaces in natural light.

Besides this, many people also don’t want to move in winter, as bad weather can add stress to a move.

Finally, a lot of families prefer to move during the summer holidays, so that kids can get settled into their new home before the start of the new school year.

Late spring and early summer are the high point for home sales, and December is the very worst month.

Selling in Spring and Summer Could Net You a Better Selling Price

Putting your home on the market in spring or summer can not only get you more offers and a faster sale—it can also net you a higher selling price.

Data shows that sellers enjoy a 13.4% higher closing price in spring. Depending on the value of your home, this can add up to thousands of dollars.

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want more money for their home. But this can be especially important if you’re selling a home for cash.

Holding out for cash offers can mean that you have to take a hit on the sale value. Selling when demand is at a peak can help you offset this.

Don’t List Too Early

Another important piece of advice if you’re wondering when to sell a house is don’t list it too early. You might be thinking, “I’ll just list my home whenever I am ready, and if it doesn’t sell during the off-season, it will sell in the summer.”

Listing in the off-season and letting your listing ride can be a mistake. Homes for sale that sit on the market too long can become “stale” and wind up selling for less.

There might be nothing wrong with your home, but the simple fact that it has been on the market for a number of months can scare away potential buyers and real estate agents.

Warm Months Are the Best Time to Sell a House

If you were wondering when is the best time to sell a house—now you know. Warmer months are the best time to list your home and don’t make the mistake of listing too early and letting your listing grow stale by summer.

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