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The Best Proven Ways To Get Hair Out Of Your Drain

Clogged drains because of hair is one of the most common problems that occur in every business sector and house. Despite using a drain stopper, hair can gather inside your drain lines over time and create dirty clumps. When hair accumulates to form clumps, the drain begins to slow down in operation. The best part is you can unblock drains Molesey, that too without having to quit shaving, shampooing or any big measures, whatsoever.

If you are thinking about how to clear blocked drains because of hair clog, then there are multiple things that you can do to resume its free flow.

Get Hair Out Of The Drain With These Easy Steps

1.     Count On Vinegar And Baking Soda Before You Plunge It Out

Using the combination of vinegar and soda is always considered effective when you want to unclog drains and hair clogs. To get better results, you can start the procedure by squirting some dish soap inside your drain and pouring a cup of vinegar and baking soda each into it. Wait for about 5-6 minutes to wait for the chemical reaction to begin then follow up with a cup of boiling water. The hair clog should clear this way. However, to remove the remaining hair, you can use a cup plunger.

2.     Tweezers To The Rescue

Plunging our hair becomes a difficult procedure, especially because how it is stringy and nothing similar to most thicker clogs. Plunging out hairy obstructions has always been a failure if you have tried it to unblock drains Molesey. Henceforth, you can always take the help of your regular pair of tweezers to do the needful.

How To Take Hair Using Tweezers?

  • Take the drain stopper out (if you have one). While you can do this manually, it isn’t unwisely to use a screwdriver either, especially if your drain demands so.
  • Hold a flashlight and focus it through the drain. This will illuminate the drain and give you a better view of the blockage.
  • Pull out the hair accumulation using needle-nose pliers. You might as well want to use a pair of gloves as the entire process of pulling out hair might become a nasty affair.
  • Once you are done pulling out the hair, pour sufficient water down the drain to flush out the nasty hair out.

3.     Invest In A Snaking Device

If you still couldn’t unblock the drains Molesey using the combination of baking soda and vinegar or even the pair of tweezers, then you might as want to use a snaking device. If you are asking what type of snake, then the number of options might depend on the clog severity.  For minor cases, it might be enough sufficient to stick a straightened wire hanger down the drain. For other cases, you can use a zip-it-tool.

The zip-it-tool are plastic drain cleaners which come at a low-cost and are easy to use. You can also purchase other types of snake devices at your nearby hardware store online. Snaking devices are the best if you are thinking about how to clear blocked drains.

Call For Professional Drain Clog Experts

Handling hair clogs might be a challenging area which might need you to get in touch with an expert. Contact professional plumbers if all of these steps look daunting or difficult for you. The plumber services engaged as drain cleaning experts use the right cleaning tools and advanced technology to unclog drains and eliminate hair.

Remember while you are unclogging drains, always keep away from liquid drain cleaners. Liquid drain cleaners aren’t only ineffective but can also accumulate over the clog instead of eating through them. They are toxic elements that can damage your pipes. Either use any of the following DIY methods or call for professional plumbing services who know the professional and highly-effective ways of how to clear blocked drains.

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