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The Best Elderly Parents Care Guide

One of the most shocking facts about the elderly in the US is that many of them live alone, the highest compared to any other country.

Our lives are busy and we can’t always give our parents the attention they deserve. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t provide them with the senior care that they need.

So how do we go about taking care of our aging parents? How do we find the right senior homes for them?

Here’s what you must know about elderly parents care:

What Makes Great Senior Homes

If you’re looking for memory care near me because you’re concerned about your parents’ mental faculties, then you’ll find it in senior homes.

When shopping around for senior homes make sure you choose one that has a 24/7 nursing staff. These staff members should be able to provide medical care to your parents based on their needs.

They should also work to help your parents maintain their energy. They should keep your parents engaged in physical and mental activities to boost their energy.

Activities of Daily Living

Many seniors find it difficult to manage their daily ablutions without the help of a nurse. Even if your parents have a nurse, you should also step in once in a while to help your parents.

You can help them with the following ablutions:

  • Brushing their teeth
  • Bathing
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Getting dressed

If you participate once in a while to help them start their day it’ll help strengthen your bonds with them. They’ll have a new spark in life knowing that their children will help them.


You must also engage your elderly parents in recreational activities. As mentioned earlier, the senior homes will offer this to your parents. However, you must also take an active role in helping your parents enjoy their golden years.

If your parents are still in good shape, consider gentle exercises with them. For example, you can go on short walks with them. You can also assist them with swimming.

It’s also important to help them maintain their mental faculties. Consider reading books along with them. Have long and interesting conversations about current events to keep them updated.

You can also play games with them to keep them thinking. These games can include Chess, Checkers, Poker, Blackjack, etc.

You should also take them out now and then to explore your city or town. Take them for a movie or for an evening out at a nice restaurant. Spending more time with them helps them enjoy their golden years.

That’s How to Ensure Elderly Parents Care

Now you know how to ensure elderly parents care and improve your parents lives during their later years.

You want to first look at senior homes where they can stay. The best senior homes will offer medical support, improving memory, and enhancing recreation.

You should also help them with their daily hygiene habits. Make sure you also dedicate your time to help them with their physical and mental recreation.

You can find more tips on how to take care of aging parents on our blog.

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