The Best Canadian Cities for Employment

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Getting a job is the most important thing you can do right before or after a move.  Unfortunately, the job market has been wildly unpredictable over the last few years, so many aren’t sure where they’ll be able to find the time to go job hunting.

It’s all a lot easier if you’re moving to a city that’s known for having great employment options.  

These are the top Canadian cities for finding work and why they’re such great options for the next place you’re going to move!

Is It Worth Moving for A Job?

Since 2020 more than a third of Canadians have stated that they’d be willing to move for work if they could find the right employer for it.  Rather than having to stay in one location, you get the chance to move and try something new and exciting.

Moving for work is also a good idea if you have a degree or expertise in something that’s more eagerly sought after in another area.  This will give you a chance to be in a market where you have the upper hand and can hopefully make better wages off of your work.

1- Toronto

Although real estate in Toronto is some of the most expensive in the country,  it’s more than worth the cost!  This is the best place to move if you want to work in banking, communications, or animation and publishing.  Each of these industries is wildly successful here and eager for new workers.

2- Calgary

If you want to make some great money in agricultural or aerospace work, you’ll be able to find tons of jobs available to you.  Calgary is a fantastic place to go for anyone wanting change but not wanting to deal with living in a major city.  This city pays higher than the national average and offers less expensive lodging.

3- Vancouver

This may be the most expensive city in the country, but it’s where dreams come true!  Living in Vancouver offers the chance to explore the film and tech industries and get a winter paradise vacation once a year if you want to drive to Whistler.  This is an awesome place to move if you can afford it. 

Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

When moving for work, keep an eye out for scams and easy mistakes.  If you’re moving specifically for a job, don’t move unless they have put in writing that they’re hiring you and that they understand you’re moving for the work.  You should try to have around three months of savings set aside otherwise to ensure you can live off of this in case you don’t have a job or are waiting to get paid.

Avoid scams, and heavily research any companies you’re considering moving for.  Failure to do this can lead to you arriving without a job and might even have you to lose money.  Don’t send any money or financial information to a potential employer under any circumstances.  There’s no time when you should have to pay to work.

Moving For Work Can Be Incredible

Moving for a job has been incredibly popular for the last few years, and it’s going to continue to be popular until this job market settles down.  If you’re considering moving for work, think about one of these cities! 

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