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The Beginner’s Guide to Gun Holsters

Firearms are common in the United States, with roughly 40 percent of American adults owning a gun. People exercise their second amendment right for a number of reasons, especially protection. To that end, many choose to carry a small firearm under concealed carry laws.

If you’ve been looking into carrying a weapon of your own, you’ll need a holster. Gun holsters are necessary to safely carry a firearm on your person. Read on for a quick guide on gun holsters.

The Right Material

The first thing to think of is the material your holster is made of. Holsters come in many different materials, including but not limited to the following.


Leather is one of the more classic materials, used as long as holsters have existed. They’re rugged and can last a lifetime if treated properly.

They’re aesthetical, professional, and stylish. However, they can also cost a bit more than other kinds.


Composites are often favored for their more sleek appearance, blending in with most outfits. They’re pleasing to the eye for a different aesthetic and are also sturdy.

As far as price, composites are a solid middle ground. They vary in quality depending on the materials used, so shop around to make sure you’re getting a good one.

Nylon and Cloth

Nylon and cloth holsters are generally the cheaper options. The materials used are less rugged and you might end up needing to replace them. It’s a great option for getting a holster quickly.

Location on Body

The next thing you need to think of is where you’re going to keep it. You can store your firearm in a chest holster, ankle holster, or any myriad of tactical holster options.

Where you store it can affect comfort and your fast draw. Some states also have laws that dictate where a concealed carry weapon is kept.

It’s a good idea to look into what other customers have said about the holster. Reviews such as this PHLster Pro Holster Review can help you see all the pros and cons. Do your research to decide where you want to keep your gun holsters and what sort of holster you should use.

Holster Level

Our last tip is to decide what level of holster you want. Modern holsters are given a level as a description of what keeps your gun in your gun holsters.

Level one holsters have pressure retention. That means there’s an area of pressure, such as a simple lock, keeping it in the holster.

Level two means there’s a mechanical device keeping it there. This could take the form of a lock. These holsters are sturdy and tough to break.

Level three holsters have more mechanical devices holding the firearm. These are difficult to pull quickly but much safer.

Wearing Gun Holsters

Using gun holsters is important to any concealed carry weapon. Whether you use a tactical holster, chest holster, or some other sort of holster, you’ll feel safer using one.

If you have any further questions or concerns about concealed carry holsters, feel free to contact us.

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