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The 5 Most Common Situations That Require Notary Services

Did you know that the definition of a notary is someone who is a publically commissioned official that is an impartial witness? They perform this service at document signings of importance. Notaries play an important role in many different legal transactions and are used to help deter fraud.

Do you have legal documents that require signing? Then it’s possible that you may need to hire a notary to witness your signature. Check out the 5 most common situations that require notary services here to see if you need one!

1. Marriage Prenup

One of the most popular reasons for hiring a notary service is for a marriage prenuptial contract, commonly known as “prenup”. Also known as a “marriage contract” or “domestic contract”, this document helps protect the assets of each party should challenges arise in the marriage that leads to divorce. It also ensures that neither party is being forced into anything in the marriage, and outlines the conditions of property division and spousal support obligations.

2. Home Purchase

Another big milestone that will require professional notary services is the purchase of a home. A notary should be there to witness your signature on every page of all of the documents and help make sure that you sign all of them. Whether you have a mortgage or not, it’s important to have a notary on hand.

3. Travel Visa

A notary can also notarize legal documents for travel, too. Many countries require a visa for entry, while others may ask for one to enter a program for study at a local university, college, or school. A notary can witness your signature for these legal documents (like a birth certificate) to help prevent fraud or identity theft.

4. Will

While many people try to avoid thinking about their end of life, there may come a time when it’s necessary. Once you make a will and decide what to do with your estate, you should have a professional notary notarize the document. Then there can be no doubt as to its authenticity should questions arise later from your heirs.

5. Mobile or Remote Notary Services

Sometimes you might not be able to go visit a notary in person, so that’s where a mobile or remote notary comes in. One can come to your home, or you can be assisted and sign the necessary documents online. There are services that you can¬†view here for more¬†information.

Ready To Find a Notary?

Now that you’ve learned about why you may need a notary, you can make an informed decision. There are many situations that call for a notary, from marriage prenups, travel visas, wills, and big life events like home purchases. You can visit a notary at their office, or have a mobile notary come to your home.

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