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The 5 Best Electric Vehicles for Safety and Comfort

According to the International Energy Agency, Americans registered over 1.7 million electric vehicles (EVs) in 2020. That’s 1.1 million more EVs on the road as compared to 2016!

Over the last few years, EV car companies invested lots of time and money to build the most advanced vehicle safety features ever. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which brands and models offer them without hindering comfort.

Lucky for you we’ve put together a list of the 5 best electric vehicles of 2022. To find out who reigns supreme in EV safety, keep reading!

5. Hyundai IONIQ 5

Not only is the Hyundai IONIQ 5 a fun ride with ample comfort and driving range, but it’s also equipped with many safety features we can’t ignore. It’s equipped with 7 airbags and a surround-view monitor. It also features Level 2 autonomous driving which controls distance, speed, and provides lane-change assistance.

4. GMC Hummer EV

The GMC Hummer EV is an incredible option for those that want power, durability, and safety all rolled into one. It features the power of a GMC, plus CrabWalk™, and Extract Mode to get out of sticky, muddy, or watery situations. It also has a built-in emergency pedestrian baking system and a lane departure warning.

3. Chevy Bolt

The 2022 Chevy Bolt is an affordable and very comfortable family car. It comes equipped with Chevy Safety Assist which includes safety features such as front pedestrian braking, front collision alerts, and emergency braking. It is important to note that it is still advised that drivers keep their eyes on the road to prevent accidents.

If you are in an accident involving an electric vehicle and need a tow call an EV risk analysis agent. Agents are able to assess the damage and determine if the vehicle is safe for transport. To learn more about the risk analysis process visit energysecurityagency.com.

2. Hyundai KONA Electric

The Hyundai KONA Electric uses tensile strength steel and a high energy absorption rate to keep passengers safe. It also comes with electronic stability control and vehicle stability management to help stabilize the car during turns.

It’s also worth noting that the KONA is a great car for families with young kids because of its ISOFIX system that makes it easy to secure a child’s car seat.

1. Tesla Model 3

When tested by the NHTSA, the Tesla Model 3 was found to have the lowest probability of injury in front, side, and roll-over crashes. This is caused by the impressive engineering of its weight distribution system, passenger area, and crumple zone. If that weren’t impressive enough, it also won the IIHS Top Safety Pic+ award!

The 5 Best Electric Vehicles of 2022

When it comes to advanced safety features, several car companies have smacked it out of the park. Many EVs now come standard with surround cameras and front-end collision alerts to help you predict and prevent impact and keep passengers safe. Now you know our list of the best electric vehicles of 2022 for both safety and comfort.

If you want to stay up to date on everything EV, take a look through our blog!

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