The 3 Differences Between Various Types of Storage Space in Singapore

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When you have limited space, you can become uncomfortable in your home or less productive at work. Before your areas start looking disorganised, you should try to rent storage space in Singapore. Many companies offer precious space to free up your office or your home for whatever reason you may have.

Whether you are moving to a new office or home or just want to declutter, a storage company has your back regarding the storage of items. They keep your belongings safe while you complete important tasks. After you finish them, you may retrieve your stored items or have them stay there longer.

You can divide extra storage space in Singapore into a few categories. Here are some you need to know more about.

  1. Self-storage vs full-service storage

If you have a storage unit, you have two options regarding the storage space services you receive. Some storage spaces will provide full services, such as packing items, taking inventory, arranging your storage unit, and more.

On the other hand, self-storage is when they provide the storage unit only. You have the freedom (and responsibility) to keep track of your items.

  1. Short-term vs long-term storage

Short-term storage space in Singapore terms can be as short as a few hours to a single day. You can find them in many areas, such as malls or other places where small bags may be prohibited. You might want to enjoy your day without having to lug around your bags.

Long-term or medium-term storage refers to belongings stored for long periods, such as weeks, months, and even years.

  1. Indoor vs. outdoor storage

Outdoor storage happens when you need big areas to store your items. They are much cheaper for large items, but the units will not have climate control and other features that indoor storage units possess.

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