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Techniques Involved In Professional Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a complex level of relationship. There are roads of challenges and bumps of difficulties. There will be no shortcut that will lead to happy life. Struggles should be faced and surpassed.

Thanks tomarriage counsellors— unhappy couples have someone to call on during their marriage crisis. They are adept in relationship problems and issues. Colleen Hurll, one of the finest counsellors in Castle Hill, performs the following techniques when doing marriage counselling.


Often times, there are couples who always have unending arguments. They cannot identify their problems clearly and directly since they are both under emotional control. They remain angry and keep on adding issues that creates more fire in the argument. As it continues, the issue becomes pointless and they just keep on blaming each other.

Couples like this needs to undergo a therapy for insight-gaining. In this phase, the counsellor will be studying the lifestyle and relationship of the couple in order to collect data on the real scenario. She will identify the main cause of the conflict and will create a plan to successfully solve the problem and improve the relationship.


Some couples lack communication that is why they cannot relay their real feelings to their partners. They always hesitate to express their side for a particular situation. They feel a sense of fear with the thinking that their partner may misinterpret them. Even if there is no physical harm, it is still a problem that creates a gap between them.

Counsellors who are focusing more on communication are suited for the couples with this problem. Their mission is to open the couples’ mind. They clarify and explain well how vital the feelings are and how they could express it correctly without negative shots to hurt their better half. They help in the interaction process and secure the emotion of the two.


A couple who is staying together for a long time and has been married for long years usually fails to show their desire in the relationship. Most of the time, they are hesitant to share what they feel since they are worrying about the reaction of their partner.

In this case, an attachment therapy from expert services on Individual Counselling like Colleen Hurll is useful for them. This will bring back their closeness and will motivate them to share with each other all the feelings and ideas they have. They will surely have a healthy relationship.


If one of the couple shows a dysfunctional behavior, there is always a chance to have a problem. This may be due to past experiences or could also be a disorder. Having this, he can have a difficulty in reacting realistically.

By psychodynamic counselling, this behavioral problem can be solved. Counsellors will identify the behavioral pattern and will interpret what’s behind it. After which, a session will be conducted to explain the remedy on this problem.

It is not impossible to have a healthy and happy relationship. With the help of marriage counsellors, there is a sure fire that problems and issues can be solved.


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