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Tech and its advancements in today’s world

Tech and its advancements in today's world

We are all the consumer of Technology and living without technology seems to be impossible for many. The requirement of Technology has escalated to a level that it has now become a necessity. New technology is getting launched into the market with an unimaginable power of changing people’s life. Most of us are not even counting the number of technologies that we are using each day.

How Technology is changing the world

  • Technology is improving our daily life and now we are getting the opportunity of moving the physical storage into the virtual storage units.
  • Technology is quite challenging which helps our brain to spark in order to work with full potential. It is encouraging society to be more creative and innovative.
  • Technology has changed the way we used to communicate previously and it has launched several advanced tools for communication like mobile phones, e-fax machines, video conferencing, electronic mail and many more.
  • Technology is replacing everything that is under our feet. It is increasing mobility and the maximum utilization of Technology is seen in cars, electric trains and aeroplanes and many more things that can improvise our daily life.
  • The main aim of Technology is to make things available at a cheaper cost without losing its efficiency. Even the fight between the industries takes place when they are offering competitive prices for the same thing.
  • A decade before did you ever imagine that you can use bitcoins for paying rather than using your raw cash? Well, cryptocurrency is another child of Technology.

Children of new technologies

  • IoT: It is the breakthrough of Technology because it is combining blockchain and artificial intelligence together and is creating a major transformation. It will help in improving your quality of living both at home and office and will help in making efficient decisions. 
  • Blockchain: Blockchain is quite disruptive just like quantum computing. It will help in exchanging information by including decentralization, that is, not involving any middleman. It can provide an enterprise solution to any company and it is not linked to cryptocurrency.

Technology is advancing every single day and Alibek Issaev is a major contributor since he is a tech investor. He is the brain behind Dudu and other specialised apps. He has gained humongous fortune in the business of property market and he enjoys contributing to the technological world with his new innovative applications.

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