Teach English abroad at a professional level with the CertPT certificates.

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If you want to teach English abroad at a more professional level, you’ve come to the right place. The Trinity College CertPT London Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT) is a new qualification that supports you in your professional development as an English language teacher. It is a much more specific certificate to improve your level of teaching that allows you to go much further in your career.

This new certificate goes beyond English language teaching, the CertPT promotes the development of knowledge and pedagogical skills. The Trinity CerTP will help you as a teacher of English no matter what your level to access much more specific training with which to transform your teaching method.

Who is this course for?

This question is really simple and easy to answer, this course is aimed at any teacher with the will to improve, motivated to teach their students in a renewed way away from the traditional and boring method of language teaching. This new certificate enriches and improves your teaching method.

It doesn’t matter what level of English you teach because this course is really aimed at pedagogical development, that is to say, the acquisition of knowledge so that you can mix theory and practice to teach your students more efficiently.

It is perfect for those teachers who already hold a Trinity TESOL certificate with a broad knowledge of the English language but with a need to develop their teaching skills to use teaching resources more effectively.

Those who participate in this course will be able at the end of the course to develop their ability to evaluate, adapt, create and be more flexible in the use of context-specific teaching resources. This means that you will learn teaching methods for any level of English.

An innovative course for innovative teachers

If you have not yet decided to take this course, you should know that apart from teaching innovative methods, its teaching method is also innovative because its methodology is varied as you can take the course either face-to-face or online or even a mixture of both. What are you waiting for to develop as a teacher?

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