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Taking Care Of Yourself With Diabetes Self-Management Magazine

ValueMags offers several subscriptions for a variety of magazines. One of the magazines available via ValueMags is Diabetes Self-Management magazine. Diabetes Self-Management is a magazine that offers tips and knowledge regarding diabetes for people who are suffering from diabetes. It is a magazine that offers insight on coping with diabetes. Self-Management magazine has several sections in which people can learn more about diabetes and learn how to live with diabetes. There is an about section, a section that talk about managing your life with diabetes, a section for recipes to try out for people who have diabetes, a wellbeing section that focuses on nutrition and exercise, etc.

In the about section of Diabetes Self-Management magazine, there are articles about the different types of diabetes, the basic information, how it effects children, etc. This section of the magazine is to educate readers further on the disease and give them the basic knowledge they may be lacking on the subject.

The managing diabetes section of the magazine focuses more on how to cope and deal with diabetes if you are diagnosed with the disease. Some of the articles that are features within this section include “Blood Glucose Management”, “Complications & Prevention”, “Emotional Health”, “General Health Issues”, “Treatment Approaches”, and finally “Women’s Health”. Through these articles, readers are given the chance to educate themselves on how to handle living with diabetes.

Because of the huge dietary restriction and strain that diabetes puts on one’s diet, the recipe section of Diabetes Self-Management offers solutions for people who have diabetes or have to cook for someone who has diabetes. The categories of recipes in this section include: beverages, breakfast, desserts and sweets, main dishes, salads, sides, snacks and appetizers, and soups and stews. These recipes are tasty solutions to satisfy a diabetic’s diet.

To learn more about Diabetes Self-Management magazine, you can visit ValueMags for subscription information or inquiries or visit https://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/ directly.

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