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Starting a Janitorial Business? 3 Ways to Ensure Your First Year is Profitable

Commercial cleaning businesses are in high demand, which means that you have a high rate for chances of success within your first year. However, it is normal to lose money during the first year of a new business venture due to the cost of equipment, employee salaries and office space. While it will be necessary to make a few investments in your business, there are ways to ensure that your expenses do not knock out all of your profits. As you create your business plan, use these tips to maximize the returns you get on each of your investments.

Invest In Staff Training

When it comes to providing quality services, your staff are the faces that arrive at your customer’s doors with smiling faces and thorough cleaning abilities. For this reason, you want to make sure that each member of your cleaning team arrives with the knowledge they need to tackle tough jobs. Make sure that you train your staff to use heavy equipment such as the used floor scrubber properly. If necessary, conduct new hire training classes, and make it a requirement that each new person on your team must ride along with an experienced member of your crew before they head out on their own.

Reduce the Cost of Equipment

Many startups fail because the owner goes all out buying the latest gadgets and equipment when it really isn’t necessary. Begin by making a list of supplies and equipment that your team will need on their biggest projects. Then, find out how much they cost to buy new versus purchasing slightly used. In most cases, you can drastically reduce how much you spend on equipment by choosing to do things such as buy a used floor scrubber that still performs just as efficiently as one that is brand new. Your customers will never know the difference, but it is a guarantee that the money you save will have an impact upon your company’s profitability.

Be Willing to Expand as Your Business Grows

While you want to avoid buying too many things when your company is still growing, it is also important to avoid letting frugality cause you to miss out on picking up new projects. Once you have a few satisfied customers under your belt, you should expect for news about your company to spread quickly through word of mouth. Make sure that you can still provide timely service even when business picks up by being willing to invest some of your profits back into your company.

The thrill of opening a new business is often followed by serious stress when the first year brings more expenses than profits. Fortunately, you can turn your bottom line around by knowing how to plan for expenses and make sure that your new hires know how to use the equipment. By spending a little extra time figuring out how to reduce costs, you can rest assured that your business will be profitable as you begin your second year.

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