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Sports Strategies: How to Play Pickleball Doubles and Win

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Over four million Americans play pickleball, which shows this exciting sport’s popularity.

Developing a pickleball doubles strategy is key to winning and honing your skills. But, if you don’t prepare, you’ll likely lose and get poor pickleball street cred. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to smash your next game and are in need of inspiration.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to play pickleball doubles.

Grab Your Pickleball Gear

Before playing pickleball, gather your gear. Aside from a custom pickleball paddle, you’ll need a comfortable pair of sneakers and moisture-wicking clothes. And you mustn’t forget to find a location, whether at a local community center or tennis club.

Always Stay By the Net

An essential part of every doubles strategy is staying by the net. Rallies are far more manageable when you’re upfront, near the action. But make sure your pickleball buddy is further back, so you cover the entire court.

Learn to Smash Drop Shots

Every pickleball lover should learn to drop shot. This is the go-to move if you can’t get to the non-volley line in time. Ideally, this should stop in front of the net, so it’s harder for your opponent to respond.

Return Deep Serves

Pickleball players should hit deep when they serve as it’s advantageous. For instance, it gives you enough time to follow its return and approach the non-volley line. An added bonus is that it makes it harder for your opponent to return the shot.

Aim at Your Opponent’s Feet

Regardless of whether you’re playing singles or doubles, aim for your opponent’s feet. This makes it harder to return, which increases the chances of your scoring. It’s also an effective strategy wherever they are on the court.

Another useful strategy is serving the ball toward the middle. Again, doing this will confuse your opponents because they won’t know whose ball it is. On the flip side, to avoid this problem, discuss who will take the middle shots before the game starts.

Move Together

Remember, you’re a team, so stick together when you play. Imagine that you’re connected by a 10-foot piece of rope and move up or down the court as one. If you don’t, you’ll open up the court and it’ll be easier for your opponent to score.

Be Patient

Like with any new venture, always be patient when you play pickleball, especially if it’s your first time playing doubles. Accept that you won’t win the first time and that it’ll take plenty of practice. In fact, it should inspire you to schedule future games and bond with one another.

How to Play Pickleball Doubles

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to play pickleball doubles.

There are many great tricks to try out, such as staying by the net and aiming for your opponents’ feet. Pickleball players should also move together and return deep serves. Good luck with your game!

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