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Solicitor vs. Lawyer: What’s the Difference?

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Did you know that 1 in every 300 people in the UK is a lawyer? That is why it is no surprise that the UK has become notorious for having a surplus of lawyers. Despite the oversaturated legal market, it is growing increasingly difficult for those in need of a legal expert to find experienced attorneys.

Your pool for a well-practiced legal expert grows even smaller once you add in a specialty. That is why prospective legal clients should familiarize themselves with the difference between a solicitor vs. lawyer and determine who they need to seek out.

The next time that you are entangled in the law do you know whom you need to call? Keep reading to learn what is a solicitor and in what instances you will need to call upon one.

What Is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is anyone who has passed the necessary qualifications to give legal advice. Because the term “lawyer” is so broad, the title encompasses barristers, legal executives, and solicitors as well.

In order to qualify as a lawyer, individuals must complete a qualifying law degree (LLB) and take the Solicitors Qualifying Exam. This coursework and examination ensure that lawyers have an apt understanding of the law and are prepared to help clients navigate its nuances.

What Is a Solicitor?

In the Uited Kingdom, solicitors are lawyers too. Solicitors are a specific type of lawyer who deals with business matters, contracts, and wills. As a solicitor, your primary role is to provide legal advice to your clients and represent them in Court.

Solicitors are usually the first point of contact once a dispute occurs and gets involved immediately. They act as the first line of a legal defense until your case is prepared to be handed over to a barrister.

Solicitor vs. Lawyer

Because “lawyer” is an umbrella term that encompasses different types of lawyers, you always want to inquire what kinds of lawyers a firm has. If you are in a legal dispute and only have access to a solicitor, you may find yourself underrepresented when it comes to creating an argument in the courtroom.

Solicitors act as a legal guide to help you understand what is going on once you are involved in a case. They can make sure that you fully understand the gravity of a case and help guide you to make smart decisions before trial.

Finding a good legal team is important. At, you can find a team of skilled lawyers and solicitors to help you navigate any legal trouble you may stumble into.

Call In a Legal Expert

Understanding the differences between a solicitor vs. lawyer can help you be prepared if you ever run into legal trouble. Solicitors have your best interests at heart and will help give you advice when you approach the trial.

Although the UK provides the opportunity to go it alone, you should always call in a legal expert to help out. Liked this article? Browse our site to read more like it.

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