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Solar Energy Explained

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Did you know that only 4% of people in the United States have their homes running on solar power?

Solar power has proven to be an effective form of energy that reduces carbon footprints.

If you have ever wondered, “how does solar energy work,” you might be surprised at how simple the process is.

Continue reading if you want to learn how solar energy works and if it’s the right energy source for you!

Panels Absorb the Rays

If you are wondering, “how does solar energy work,” you need to take a look at the panels.

Solar energy panels are typically placed in open areas or on rooftops. The more access that the panels get to the sun, the more energy can get converted. As the sun’s rays hit the panels, the cells start converting into energy.

Although the panels can still work on cloudy days, they only absorb energy during the day.

Cells Become Energized

One of the next steps in solar power is the energizing of cells that ultimately create an electrical current.

Before you can turn a light on, the solar cells must form an electric field with a positive and negative-charged side. When the sun hits these charged cells, they become energized. This process makes the electrons start moving quickly.

The electric field that gets created is what powers the electric current you use in the house. If you want efficient panels, take a look at the Blue Raven solar recap for more info.

Conversion Occurs

The next stage in turning these solar cells into energy is to convert them into electricity.

Direct current comes in from the panels. Most homes in the United States don’t run on direct current, so you’ll likely need an adapter. Alternating current (AC) electricity is what your home will require for using power.

By purchasing an inverter, you can turn DC into AC and take advantage of the sun’s power. Talk to the installation company to see if they include the inverter with the entire panel system.

Power Gets Distributed

The process of converting electrical energy goes by much quicker than it sounds.

After the AC electricity is created, it goes to the electrical panel at the house and gets distributed amongst your appliances and lights. An electric utility company has the power uploaded to a grid so that any excess power can get used.

There is also a net meter that can measure your energy consumption.

How Does Solar Energy Work for You?

Asking yourself, “how does solar energy work for you” will depend on your daily habits.

If you live in a good area that gets access to sunlight, this could help you save money on bills and live a more sustainable life. Solar energy is much cleaner than fossil fuels and there aren’t any concerns about running out of resources.

Don’t be afraid to make the energy change, especially when you could get grants and reimbursements for the investment.

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