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Social Crowdfunding Tips: How to Get Recurring Donors with Great Emails

Previously, NGOs had a hard time reaching out to potential donors and supporters outside of their geographical region. Donors only have a vague idea of the commendable work the NGO’s volunteers would put their heart and soul into. They missed out on real, human stories and hadn’t the faintest idea of the extent of their cause. And who could blame them? Giving a donor a behind-the-scenes peak was difficult with no efficient online platform to do so. Even if they did find concerned donors who followed them on social media, providing a convenient and secure donation platform proved to be a difficult asks.

Crowdfunding India has been a popular trend for nearly a decade now and has helped thousands of NGOs find and engage with donors. Nonprofits that cannot reach or grow their network of donors are able to provide them with the most convenient interactive platform to show their support. A nonprofit’s fundraiser lets donors read stories, share with their contacts easily and make a donation safely.

With a little bit of effort, determination and a social media presence (though platforms like Impact Guru have seen campaigns do a good job without social media!), anyone can raise funds for their cause. However, what can seem like a real challenge is convincing these people to come back on a regular basis to give monetary support to your organization.

But with the right approach, crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have seen many social crowdfunding campaigners build a network of recurring donors. The best way to keep in touch and build a relationship with your one-time donors, to turn them into regular donors, is through email.

Find out what they want

Make an effort to figure out what compels your donors to give to your organization. Take surveys and ask for feedback. Ask questions like “How likely are you to recommend our organization?” and “How satisfied are you with our responses?” and so on. Incorporate the information you collect based on their responses into your email strategy.

Try different content strategies

Divide your donor base and try out different email formats. Try a website Keep taking feedback actively and continue working on your email strategy. Eventually, you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Tell them about your wins!

Keep your donors’ enthusiasm high by telling success stories. Send results of campaigns they’ve donated to, so they can truly feel the impact they’ve made. This will add human and emotional elements to your emails, making them more likely to be read.

Tell them stories about campaigners other donors have impacted!

Don’t let them develop the idea that they’re the only ones making a difference. Donors like knowing they’re part of a team of like-minded people, something bigger than themselves and this is the ideal way to encourage that belief. Show them “what impact-makers like you are doing”.

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have a communications team that actively send emails about campaigns to their donor database. While you’re fundraising, call them up and ask them for more tips and tricks on strategizing your emails!

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