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So, Where Can I Find a MIG Welder for Sale?

Are you a welder enthusiast who’s looking for a new mig Welder for sale?

I know how you’re feeling right now. Confused and overwhelmed.

There are so many MIG welders and thus tons of options to choose. Whether you are a beginner in welding or a hobbyist looking for another MIG welder, this guide is definitely for you.

What’s a MIG Welder?

Dubbed as a universal welder, I hereby present to you the infamous MIG welder. For those unknown, metal inert gas or simply MIG welder is a wire-feed type welder. It connects metals by heating them with an arc between a continuously fed wire and the workpiece. MIG welder is the type of welder that is beginner-friendly. For more information on how the MIG welder works, you can head to the ThoughtCo site.

Recommended Brand

Choosing a reputable brand is important in buying a welder machine. Although there are many cheap Chinese products out there, chances are there aren’t safe to be used. Or rather, they would simply break upon your third usage. Yeah, I’ve been there and done that. Therefore, I’d suggest you purchase a MIG welder from these top brands.


Lincoln Electric is like the Apple of MIG welders. If you’re thinking of getting a Lincoln product, the Lincoln Easy MIG 140 is what I’d recommend as a fellow welder. Although the product is moderately priced, it has features like user-friendly knob controls. As a beginner, this is what you should be looking for when buying a welding machine. This Lincoln product has an input about 120 volts and can be operated from almost anywhere. Well, as long as there is electricity.


Hobart is one of the best yet affordable brand for welder machines. As Hobart produces mid-range to high-end products at a very reasonable price, I’d say that this one’s my favorite of all. My experience with Hobart goes back to my first MIG welder machine. It was Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder. Despite being powerful, this model is stylish and compact. You can bring it anywhere and get your welding projects done. As such, this model is best tailored for both professional welders and hobbyist out there.

Where to Buy

You’ve finally chosen your MIG welder. Now, it’s time to grab them and start welding at your workshop.


Personally, I like to buy all of my welding equipment at Amazon. From Lincoln to Hobart products, Amazon has everything. If your budget is tight, Amazon offers used products at a relatively lower price than the new ones. Aside from that, they can deliver your products on the next day. Since there are independent sellers too, make sure that they provide you with a warranty.

Who knows you might need them?


“But what if the product is out of stock? What’s my next option?”

Yes, you can find a myriad of MIG welders for sale on eBay. The best part is that you can bid on the price that you’d like to pay. Just like Amazon, you can find used welder machines here. For those who lives outside the US, this is the best place to hunt for welder machines.

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