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Skin Care For Sensitive Skin: 5 Dermatologist-Approved Tips to Follow

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Over half of the US population believe they have sensitive skin. Whether that is the reality or not is difficult to define. The term “sensitive skin” is a catch-all, non-scientific phrase.

Most people who declare that they have sensitive skin find that they experience reactions to external elements. That’s why finding the right skin care for sensitive skin, and listening to the experts, is so important.

Want to know what they say? Here are some tips for dermatologist-recommended skin care for sensitive skin!

1. Use Fewer Skin Care Products

It’s simple logic, right? The fewer products you use in your skin care routine for sensitive skin, the less chance you have of getting a bad reaction.

These are all the potential skin care products that you could use in your routine:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Spot treatment
  • Moisturizer
  • Face oil/spray

If you have sensitive skin, you should try to not use more than four products. That applies to both your morning and evening routine. For most people with sensitive skin, this will be a cleanser, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

Avoid using cleansers with harsh, exfoliating microbeads or raw materials like activated charcoal. You should also avoid foaming cleansers. These ingredients might aggravate your skin.

Instead, stick with creamy and soft cleansers. If a product leaves your skin feeling tight and tingly then it is not ideal skin care for sensitive skin.

2. Consult a Skin Care Expert

If you have a specific skin care goal, like anti-aging skin care for sensitive skin, for example, then consult an expert. Most products to combat tough skin issues like anti-aging and acne will be too harsh for your skin.

Experts at local spas like The Laser Lounge Spa Plymouth will be able to give you specific recommendations for your needs.

3. Focus on Hydration

The best skin care for sensitive skin focuses on hydration. Sensitive skin isn’t only prone to conditions like eczema but also dry, flaky skin.

Use a serum with hyaluronic acid as this has hydrating and rejuvenation properties. If you can, avoid serums with harsher skin care acids like salicylic and retinol.

4. Forego the Fragrance

All the best skin care products for sensitive skin do not add unnecessary perfumes and ingredients. These additions only increase the risk of you experiencing a bad reaction to the product. Look for a “fragrance-free” label on the bottle of every product you buy.

5. Always Use SPF

It isn’t only skin care products that can aggravate your sensitive skin. Pollution and the sun’s harmful rays will also have a damaging effect. Of course, everyone should wear SPF every day, but it is even more vital for you.

Now You Know the Right Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Finding the right skin care for sensitive skin can be tough. Products that affect your sensitive skin might provide a different result for someone else with sensitive skin. But as long as you follow these expert tips, you won’t go too far wrong.

There are lots of other ways to improve your skin’s appearance, like diet and exercise for example. Browse our health articles for more tips and tricks!

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