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Sitting Room Design: Inspirational Tips, Insights, and Ideas

Do you have a small or awkwardly-shaped room that you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe it was once a nursery or a dressing room, but you no longer need it for that purpose. It wouldn’t make a good bedroom either, so what should you do with it?

Why not turn it into a sitting room? Sitting rooms, if you’re unaware, are like small living rooms or relaxing nooks. They’re great places to do work, read a book, or entertain a few guests.

We’re here with a few sitting room design tips that can help you get started. Read on to learn more.

Maximize Space With Your Layout

Because sitting rooms tend to be small, you need to make an effort to make the most of your space. Yes, large and plush furniture is nice, but it will make tiny spaces look smaller and have less functionality.

We recommend a few smaller and sleeker pieces of furniture. An L-shaped couch or small loveseat would work well in most sitting rooms. A small armchair is also a good choice.

We also recommend a few pieces that are multi-functional. A coffee table that can fit a small stool or ottoman underneath will give you more seating options f you need them without taking up too much spacee.

You want to make sure that there’s enough room to comfortably move around.

Pick a Cohesive Color Scheme

So what would you like your sitting room color scheme to look like? Because you’re working with such a small space, it’s best to keep it as cohesive as possible so it doesn’t look messy.

If you want the room to look as large as possible, we recommend sticking to brighter and lighter colors. They’ll bounce light around and trick the eye into seeing a bigger room. Try using a color palette generator for some ideas.

Consider a Statement Wall

A statement wall can make any room pop. It’s a great way to add flair to your sitting room without taking up any more floor space. It’s also easy and affordable.

You could paint your own statement wall, but if you really want to make a statement, consider getting some peel-and-stick wallpaper or wall murals. They’re easy to put up and take down.

Here’s more info on wall murals if you’re curious.

Prioritize Personal Touches

Make clutter look intentional in your sitting room. Your sitting room is the perfect place for small personal touches, like photos, decorative throw pillows,throw blankets, and assorted touches. Try to fill up as much of your “blank space” as possible.

They’re really going to pull your sitting room decor together.

What Will Your Sitting Room Design Look Like?

Have fun with your sitting room design. Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, but it’s fun to challenge your creativity. You’ll have the perfect little living space in no time!

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