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Simple Vape Tricks for Beginners

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According to the latest CDC data, one in eight U.S. adults were current cigarette smokers in 2020. That translates to over 30 million adults, many of whom want to quit.

It’s no wonder many cigarette smokers have switched to vaping. It is, after all, marketed as a cessation tool. A recent poll even found that those who vape are more unlikely to smoke tobacco.

So consider switching to vaping if you want to quit tobacco but can’t go cold turkey. You can also make weaning off nicotine more fun by learning how to do vape tricks.

This guide will teach you how to perform some of the best vaping tricks, so read on.

Mushroom Cloud

We’ll start with this one as it’s among the easiest; you can nail it with a few minutes of practice.

The first step in doing the Mushroom Cloud is to take a long drag of vapor without inhaling it. Instead, allow it to linger inside your mouth.

Tilt your head backward and puff out your cheeks to form the vapor into a ball. Then, open your mouth wide while slowly exhaling. The goal is to make the vapor form what looks like a mushroom cap.

Once you have an impressive-looking cap, inhale the vapor into your mouth quickly. That will cause part of the mist to form the stem, and your mushroom is complete.

Dragon Breath

This trick is what it sounds like; it mimics the appearance of a dragon breathing smoke.

First, get your vaporizer to check if you can adjust its mode to a higher voltage or a lower coil resistance. Vapes from,, or often have this feature. Doing either or both creates more vapor.

Once you’ve tweaked your vape setting, take a long drag, inhaling only about half of the vapor. Keep your mouth closed as you remove the device from your mouth.

Exhale forcefully through your nostrils. At the same time, breathe out through small cracks on both sides of your lips.

If you’re successful, you should have vapor coming from four directions.

Reverse Waterfall

As the name suggests, The Reverse Waterfall mimics the appearance of a waterfall. The chief difference is that the “waterfall” flows upward instead of downward. It’s one of the best vape tricks to master, but it requires more practice than the Dragon Breath.

To start, take a long, deep drag of vapor. Then, trap it by curling your tongue upward and toward the back of your mouth.

Open your mouth slowly by jutting your lower lip outward. Let the vapor travel upward without exhaling.

Gently bring your tongue forward to push the vapor out. As you do this, inhale through your nostrils.

Breathing that way causes the vapor to get sucked upward into your nose. That gives it the appearance of a waterfall in reverse.

Start Practicing These Cool Vape Tricks

From the Mushroom Cloud to the Reverse Waterfall, all these are some of the best and must-try vape tricks. As a final tip, practice in front of a mirror to help ensure you do them right. Doing so also lets you see for yourself just how cool they are.

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