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Signs Children Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists asses and consider a number of treatments for individuals who are struggling with daily living or work skills because of physical, cognitive, or mental disorders. The main goal here is assisting patients in getting over their daily challenges so that they can achieve independent lives.

Occupational Therapy in Franklin, TN can benefit kids of every age, especially children. The earlier parents realize the warning signs in children who are struggling with day to day tasks, the easier it becomes for children to develop new skills and to start coping with challenges. Parents might just notice their children actively stay away from activities which include motor skills, or they may realize they have trouble performing few tasks. Overreactions to certain smells, sounds, or touch might be symptoms of sensory issues. Therapy can certainly help them cope better with this. Children might even need help if they don’t usually engage or initiate independently in social groups or activities.

Poor fine motor skills

Parents may just notice that children are staying away from particular activities because of their poor motor skills or coordination. For example, children might have trouble with scissors, holding or gripping crayons or pencils, folding papers, or writing their name. As a result of this, children can try avoiding any drawing, writing, or activities related to crafts in school. Poor motor skills can also affect their ability of holding and manipulating small objects so children might get frustrated while handling toys, puzzles or games. It isn’t limited to activities either since children may have trouble with tasks like putting their shoes on, buttoning their coat, handling dinner utensils, etc. even at ages when they were supposed to have mastered the tasks.

Bad coordination is one more warning sign of children requiring occupational therapy. Kids might frequently fall or crash into people or things because of a lack of balance. Therapists can guide children towards techniques which can help them improve coordination and be successful in academics and daily life.


Occupational therapy can also benefit children who are exhibiting signs of hypersensitivity when it comes to sounds, touch, smell, or taste. Children who are over reactive to stimuli might have trouble coping with change or can be easily distracted by any sound or sight. Alternately, children might just under react to stimuli too like showing high pain tolerance signs.

Under or over reactive responses may just indicate a condition known as sensory processing disorder where the brain has a problem receiving sensory information and then organizing it into an appropriate response. A lot of children who have this disorder could cope with overwhelming symptoms with the help of an occupational therapist.

Lack of initiation

There are some children who struggle with social interactions and social skills which leads to a negative impact on their personal and academic life. Fortunately, therapy can help improve social skills.

Social interaction issues go beyond any difficulties when it comes to engaging with peers or family. Children might just have trouble adapting to new situations or environments. Parents can also notice their children lack initiation when it comes to social groups choosing to observe from a distance instead of participating actively.

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