Show Your Support To Your Inmates By Writing Them Letters

Show Your Support To Your Inmates By Writing Them Letters

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A lot of people are signing up as prison pen pal in a way to follow the ongoing trend. If you are one of those, who wish to support a particular prison inmate. You would come across people developing pen pal relationships with the prisoners. They are popular and get featured in various TV shows and YouTube videos.

People are beginning to send letters to locked-up inmates to provide them companionship and support by being a prison pen pal. However, just like any other letter-writing, there are certain things to remember when showing your support through letters.

Write To An Inmate You Know

If you know an inmate serving imprisonment for a particular reason, you can choose to write to them. After that, you can check to see if the prison penpal is interested in receiving letters from you. You can begin your letter with “I was wondering if you would like to stay connected with me during your imprisonment days”.

 Tell them that you are interested in communicating with them through letters. Writing to an incarcerated family member, friend, relative, colleague, neighbour and so on will keep the bond alive.

Find Out Your Purpose In Writing A Letter

If you want to write a prisoner, then make sure you don’t have ill intentions. Receiving letters from someone outside the prison is an effective way of lifting an inmate’s mood. By writing letters to the inmate, you can make them feel hopeful about life while serving imprisonment.

However, writing a letter to an inmate’s penpal only to make fun of them or to make them double the guilty they are will only lead to more harm. Only consider volunteering as a prison pen pal if you have positive intentions.

What Not To Write In Letters For Prison Inmates?

Remember, there are specific rules for writing and sending letters to prison penpal. You cannot simply write anything as per your will. For instance, writing something as means to blackmail the prisoner will only get you into trouble. Also, you are prohibited from including contraband items like nude images.

Share Personal Incidents From Your Life

You can keep the inmates updated about whatever is happening in your life. You can also include things that you would be interested in knowing. Always bear in mind that prisoners are isolated beings from society. So, keeping them informed about culture can keep them positive and hopeful. Plus, they will likely feel less lonely and more connected with the outside world through an inmate penpal.

All these tips will help you show inmates support through letter writing. Write a prisoner and keep in touch with the inmate with helpful, informative and engaging letters that they would enjoy reading and look forward to every time.

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