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Ship Crew Training for Arctic and Antarctic Waters Shipping

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Did you know that more than 500 maritime accidents have been reported in the Arctic? If you are not a fan of what happened to the Titanic, then it is important to have the proper ship crew training when navigating both Arctic and Antarctic waters. We have put together this guide to share why proper polar code training is a must.

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Why Take a Course?

Taking a polar code training course is a must because it will help with navigating icy conditions. With a course your ship crew can use their knowledge to overcome situations that come with navigating ice-covered seas.

Your crew will have a full bridge simulator during their training that helps simulate real life scenarios.

Polar Code Summary

The polar code is an international code that is used for operating ships in polar waters. This code covers shipping-related matters when a ship is being navigated in waters that are surrounding the two poles. Polar Code goes over equipment, ship construction, ship designs, search and rescue, and protecting the unique environment of the polar regions.

There are mandatory measures with the Polar Code that cover the safety part, pollution prevention, and the recommended provisions for both of the above.

Polar Ship Certificates

It is mandatory for ships operating in the defined waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to apply for a Polar Ship Certificate. This classifies the category of each ship as either A, B, or C.

Category A ships are designed to operate in polar waters at least in medium first-year ice. This can include old ice inclusions.

Category B ships are not ships included in category A. These ships are designed for operating in polar waters with at least thin first-year ice. Category B can include old ice inclusions as well.

With a Category C ship the ship is designed to operate in ice conditions that are less severe than the ones included in Category A or Category B or in open water.

Issuing a Certificate

In order to have a certificate of proper training and knowledge, an assessment is required. This assessment includes information on procedures and plans when navigating incidents at sea. It also takes into account the range of operating hazards and conditions that a ship might encounter in the polar waters.

A ship has to carry a Polar Water Operational Manual. This manual will provide information about the ship’s operational capabilities to the Owner, Operator, Master, and crew.

Ready to Choose the Best Ship Crew Training for Your Team?

Now that we went over why having your ship crew go through polar training is important, you can make a decision with where you want your team to receive their polar code certification training.

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