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Seven Best Haircuts You’ll Totally Like


Seven Best Haircuts

New haircut always means a new life! So if you want to change something, you should totally start from the mane. Check out the best hairstyles provided by the top specialists at the best hair salon New York. 

#1 Side part

Fade on the sides and long fringe on the one side looks terrific, if you like to look simple and stylish. It is suitable for guys with any face shape; moreover, wearing fade you will never suffer from excessive sweating.

#2 Mid fade + long top

Totally on trend this summer, fade makes you feel confident with minimum hair on sides, and a long mane on the top and can be styled in many ways, for example, you can wear a pompadour. Looks magnificent, just don’t forget to use a hairspray or pomade to fixate it.

#3 Mohawk fade

With no hair on the sides and growing mane from the back to the top, such hairstyle makes you totally unique, especially if you mess it up a little bit. With no styling, it is suitable for guys who are too lazy to use a hairbrush and do sports every day.

#4 Thick spikes + low fade

Low fade haircut with a long top can be styled in many different ways, for example with spikes. Looks so modern and magnificent with a minimum styling – just use a hairbrush and a little amount of a hair pomade.

#5 Comb over fade

Looks cool and even better, this haircut is gaining popularity. It looks terrific with a textured mane on the top of the head.

#6 Crop + fringe

The texture crop is totally compatible with a fringe, especially if it is a straight. It is perfect for those men who don’t afraid of the 90s look, because such haircut is classical.

#7 Choppy fringe

For those guys who don’t like long mane and appreciate simplicity in a whole look. Short hair will never hinder while you do sports and won’t let you sweat as well. Choppy fringe will make short mane look amazing if you appreciate being stylish as well.

Stay cool and confident with any hairstyle and just be the way you are.

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