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Setting up Your Outdoor Home Gym: What To Know

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After years of social distancing, many homeowners are looking for something new: a home gym. Even as risk levels shift, people still find the thought of a private workout space more desirable than a gym membership.

What do you do if you don’t have a ton of free space that is up for grabs in your home? It’s time to move things outside.

Building an outdoor home gym is a great way to maximize your space while also creating a workout sanctuary that is free from household clutter. The question is, how do you get started and what should you include?

Read on for our quick guide to creating the perfect outdoor home gym setup.

Assess Your Available Space

First, it’s time to take a closer look at your outdoor space. How much of it is already dedicated to other uses, such as gardening or lounging? How much space can you dedicate to your gym equipment without putting a strain on your yard’s versatility?

In an ideal world, you want to invest in permanent outdoor equipment. Permanent equipment is more durable and it eliminates the hassle of lugging heavy pieces back and forth between each use. However, if you don’t have the space for a ton of permanent gym equipment, there are plenty of portable pieces that will provide a great workout.

Include the Right Outdoor Home Gym Equipment

Now, think about the types of equipment you want to include in your outdoor home gym. Most people invest in certain staples, like a workout bench, barbells or dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. Typically, you don’t want to use anything that requires electricity–unless you have a solid outdoor home gym cover.

Whether or not your outdoor home gym is covered, you’re going to want to purchase equipment that is designed for outdoor use. This will increase the safety and lifespan of each piece of equipment by ensuring proper weather protection.

Consider Cardio Options

Without the use of electric-powered equipment, your cardio options may seem limited in an outdoor gym. However, there is good news for anyone who wants to increase their cardio without going for a run around the neighborhood.

Head to to find out about residential basketball court options. Basketball is a great way to combine cardio with high-intensity leg workouts–and it’s a great excuse to invite friends over for a good time.

Get Your Workout On at Home With an Outdoor Home Gym

Nowadays, we’re seeing more interest than ever before in home gyms. The only problem is that not everyone has access to unused indoor space to make the conversion. You can use this guide to create an outdoor home gym to get a complete workout without a gym membership.

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