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Select The Right Refrigerator Style For Your Kitchen

Nowadays, there are many kinds of refrigerators available in the market with an assortment of varieties and styles and therefore some time it becomes very difficult to decide which should be the right refrigerator for your kitchen.  The unit size can be decided on the basis of available space in your kitchen and the members in your family. In addition, you need to see the right kind of design and style.

By selecting the right style and design for the refrigerator, you can control the work flow of your kitchen. Your meal preparation becomes more efficient and you can save both time and energy, too. Nowadays, in India most of the women are also working and with a good refrigerator they get a chance to store many pre-prepared meals and cut vegetables on weekend. Even if there is a get together in the house it helps to keep drinks and dessert cool. For busy homes, getting the best refrigerator style can make a considerable difference, especially on how the day starts.

Therefore while looking at the style of your refrigerator, you have to look at its shiny finish or colour or features but also its overall design so that it can blend with kitchen décor and offer an aesthetic appeal. Reject features and style, you don’t need and narrow down your choice.

Most of the refrigerators manufactured by Samsung, LG and various other brands have the following type of refrigerator that suits working ladies.


  • Economical model
  • Not having too many frills and other decorative styles
  • Top half should be easily accessible where most of the food items can be organized
  • More space for refrigerated capacity
  • There must be separate freezer available in the kitchen
  • Can be considered as a additional fridge

Single door refrigerator with deep freezer

  • Single door fridge and separate compartment for freezer
  • Economical type
  • Lesser capacity and not too many features
  • Freezer compartment may be smaller
  • Sufficient space to open the door of fridge
  • Not too large capacity
  • If an additional freezer is available then it can suit more

Top mount freezer

  • Should be ideal for smaller kitchen
  • Freezer on top and having separate door
  • Traditional and economical model
  • Temperature in freezer must remain constant
  • Enough space for door swinging

Bottom mount refrigerator

  • Freezer compartment at the bottom with separate drawer
  • Can be little expensive as compared to top mount freezer
  • Different capacities and features available
  • Most of the refrigerated items are located at eye level height
  • Check the accessibility convenience of the model

Side by side refrigerator

  • Freezer on left and refrigerated unit on right side
  • Different capacities depending upon height, width and depth
  • May have water dispenser and ice maker
  • More freezer capacity
  • Convenient to access the freezer
  • Good choice for smaller kitchen
  • Ideal if you do not want any additional freezer

You can choose your refrigerator style according to the above features, which will enable you to increase the flow of your work while you are cooking your food in the kitchen.

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