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School Picture Day: Tips to Get the Perfect Photos

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Did you know that more than 95% of parents in the United States want to order yearly school photos?

School photos are special to parents since they only get so many and they capture each milestone their children make.

If you want to have the best pictures to order this year, there are a few things to try.

Continue reading if you want to discover some of the best school picture tips to help your child!

Find an Outfit

One of the most important things in a school picture is your child’s outfit.

Many parents are tempted to dress their children up in the nicest clothes they own, however, this isn’t always the best. To capture your child’s age and personality, let them help pick out the outfit, even if it has their favorite cartoon character on it.

Make sure the outfit isn’t wrinkly or stained. You should wash it a night or two before picture day to ensure that it’s fresh.

Keep It Natural

If school portraits are a big deal for your daughter, she might be tempted to wear makeup.

Although some makeup is okay, you don’t want to let her make the mistake of applying too much. The school pictures come out different than photos on a phone. The more natural that your children look in their pictures, the better they’ll come out.

Aside from makeup, your child should also keep their outfit natural. Too many accessories can be distracting and clash.

Keep the Glasses On

Some kids feel pressured to take off their glasses for picture day.

Whether you’re worried about a glare coming off of the glasses or not, they are safe to keep on. Your child doesn’t need to put contacts in for picture day unless that’s what they would prefer.

The photographers at schools understand that glasses are commonly worn. They have been taught how to manipulate the glares so that your child’s beautiful eyes can stand out.

Be Careful With the Hair

Many parents and children fear haircuts the day before picture day.

Getting a hair cut right before picture day might seem like a good idea, however, there’s no room for error. If the cut got buzzed a little too short or the bangs don’t work, there won’t be enough time to recover.

Hair cuts and dyes should get done a few weeks in advance, but early enough before they need to get redone. When it comes to younger children, they can do any type of hairstyle for photos.

Are You Ready for School Picture Day?

School might have just let out for the summer, but school picture day isn’t far around the corner.

School picture day is an event to prepare for during the summer, especially when shopping for the perfect outfit. Encourage your child to stay true to themselves and let them show off their personalities. Don’t get worried about fancy outfits and makeup since they only take away from your child’s smile anyways.

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