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Say Yes to Your Yard: 5 Unique Landscaping Ideas to Consider

Did you know that the average American spends 32 hours a month caring for their yard? While some people enjoy this time outdoors, much of the work could be avoided with a more manicured landscape.

Instead, you could be lounging in your yard, not just working in it. Plus, putting the time into the design of a functional, attractive, and enjoyable yard will also make it one-of-a-kind.

If you are ready to get started but do not know where to begin then consider these top 5 unique landscaping ideas.

1. Lawn Patterns

One of the best landscaping tips is to limit your amount of grass. You can do this with style by creating patterns of grass and stone or other flooring material like wood or tile.

Get creative with intricate designs like geometric shapes. You can even design a chessboard of squares to make your lawn fun and pleasing to the eye.

Make sure you keep your lawn sections well-manicured by hiring a lawn service like Summitlawnslincoln.com to avoid overgrown areas.

2. Unique Recycled Planters

Nothing says eclectic like these recycling landscaping hacks that help you repurpose while making a unique backyard.

Use odd objects like an old bed frame to make a literal garden bed equipped with a bedside lamp. Or use broken umbrellas as colorful planters that will enjoy collecting rainwater upside down.

3. Backyard Boardwalk

Professional landscaping benefits include constructing something amazing for your backyard like your own boardwalk path.

Even small yards will work with planks of your favorite wood surrounded by garden beds that take you on a journey throughout your landscape. Include a wooden bench for resting or a bridge over a small pond to complete your outdoor oasis.

4. Linear Hedges

Hedges are not just for privacy, they also act as accent features when you use expert landscaping services. Use them to create 3D lines in your yard while doubling as a divider between sections of your garden bed.

Use various heights of hedges to make your yard look and feel like a work of art from any angle. Line them with tile, stone, or cement slabs to finish off the linear effect.

5. Vertical Focal Points

Other possible artistic attributes of your lawn include grand focal points. Use professional landscaping services to make them extra special by using the walls as vertically eye-catching centerpieces.

Do this by adding vines or spotlights and mirrors or waterfalls to your exterior fencing. Layer them with natural stone or create grand archways to make your entry the highlight of your space.

Unique Landscaping Ideas are Versatile

No matter which of these unique landscaping ideas you use, remember that they can be customized to your style and home design. Choose from various materials and colors while conveying your landscape wishes to the professionals.

Check out our Home Decor Garden section for more tips on choosing which plants to place in your newly formed landscape.

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