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Save Big when you Shop Online

We all know shopping online is convenient, and there’s no crowd to fight with, lines to wait in, or driving and parking to worry about. While browsing through stores may be a fun pastime for some, others dread the thought of shooping in public and are will to pay more for the convenience of delivery. The good news is you don’t have to pay more to shop online. Here are some timely tips to save you money while you’re saving time and energy by shopping online:

Save Big when you Shop Online

Don’t impulse buy. If you find a treasure you feel you must have, bookmark the page and think about the purchase for a hour or two. If you can then justify buying, go ahead.

Comparison shop before you purchase. Make a note of the brand and style of clothing, sunglasses, or toys and do a quick search to see what site has the best price. Remember to check the shipping fees too, and calculate that into overall savings.

Be prepared. Use an online savings site such as Groupon.com for access to coupons and discount codes. Thousands of merchants advertise their deals on the site, and it’s as easy as searching for your item or store and downloading the code or coupon for big savings on purchases and sometimes shipping, too.

Wait to buy. If you see an article you absolutely love, bookmark the site and wait. Within a month or two it will most likely go on sale, and then it’s just a matter of time before it reaches the price point you’re willing to pay.

Check comparable products. Often you can find a generic brand or similar item with less features, at a fraction of the price of the item that is highly advertised. The same goes for store brands; many times the item is made by the same manufacturer and the only difference is the custom store label.

Put it on a list. If you have a holiday or birthday coming up consider putting the item you crave on a shopping list for your friends or family. Many times it’s a big chore to shop for others, and your grandma will be delighted she can buy you something she knows you really want!

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