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Sales and Marketing Togetherness for 2018

In spite of being completely different from each other, sales and marketing can be paired up as a power couple that can drive a business to the next level.

The collaboration of the two will bring a drastic change to a business, especially those who aren’t getting quality leads due to lack of the knowledge about their customer.

The marketing department is the one whose goal is to bring leads and the sales team is the one whose task is to convert those leads into quality leads or to turn those leads to buying customers.

Therefore, summing up both the teams will help achieve each other’s goals as a result of which, that organization can see the boom in its growth and revenue.

But the idea of bringing both of them together is not that easy. It requires a powerful collaboration strategy so that the company can taste the sweetness of the fruit.

If, somehow, the departments get improperly aligned the result can be worst.  It will lead to frustrated and unhappy customers and unqualified leads.

Before we see how they work together, let’s understand them individually in short.


In simple words, sales can be defined as an act of selling products or services in exchange for money for an assigned time period.

Sales main objectives consist of achieving sales volume, company’s growth through bringing in the turnover for the company and bringing a net profit to the company.


Marketing, on other hands, refers to an act of promoting or advertising the products or services of the company, includes market research, creating value for customers, identifying their needs, satisfying customer requirements profitably, and helping sales achieve their target.

It also includes pricing and distribution of products and targeting prospects.


  1. Deep understanding of customer’s behaviour

Both sales and marketing have their own understanding of customer’s behaviour. But since the salespersons are in direct contact with the buyers, they know and understand the buyers personally and better.

When both of their understandings will be combined, both the company will have a shared and better understanding of customer’s actions.

This, in turn, will help marketers to speak and show more accurately while advertising or during the promotion.

  1. Qualified Leads

For the smooth information and workflow, it is required that both the teams communicate with each other properly and continuously.

Sales team guide marketing team about the kind of leads. They help marketers to modify and calibrate their strategies according to the information they produce. They help them to recognize the poor leads, where those poor leads are coming from and which of them aren’t sales ready.

They give the marketers an insight of which leads need to be nurtured. So it’s necessary for the business to align both the teams properly.

  1. Increase in Revenue


Whatever company and its teams do, ultimately leads to revenue growth. It has been reported by Wheelhouse Advisors in an infographic that a well-aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} faster three-year revenue growth and 27{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} faster three-year profit growth.

  1. Buyers persona to hold the audience’s sight

If you want to appeal the audience to invest in your products or services, you need to align both your sales and marketing teams together. Because together they create a buyer’s persona.

Together they can help the organization build effective communication so that their buyers can cast their target audience.

  1. Rights products are created and promoted

Suppose you’re promoting for something that has gone out of stock. Now you can imagine what your business has to suffer through. You wasted your money advertising for something that isn’t there, in addition, you wasted your money and potentials of your staffs too.

But how come this happened? The answer is simple, lack of proper communication between the sales and marketing team. If marketing team would have known that the product has gone out of stock, they won’t have promoted that.

So when both them, have proper communication with one another, they know what kind of products need to be created and what to be promoted.

  1. Deals are carried in an interesting way

It’s no shocking that when sales team would be involved in suggesting and approving various deals, marketing could be seen as incarnating itself in a more creative and interesting way. This is necessary because they have an on-ground understanding of the customer’s behaviour and their buying strategies.

Sales team better know who is capable of buying or doing business with you. So it’s always better to involve them in the decision making.

  1. Always stay ahead of the competition

Marketers always spy on their competitors. They keep checking what their competitors are doing, what strategies they are implementing to win their customer, what other people are talking about them, and more.

Marketers help salespeople by keeping them informed of all the tactics their competitors are using to win the customer, keep informed about their positioning. This way they help salespeople address themselves better for the next time while interacting with prospects.


  1. Set up a weekly meeting: Do keep a meeting of 20-30 minutes of duration once in a week so that completed things can be reviewed and targets can be set and planned.
  2. Create a team alias: Create a group in which members of both the teams should be added so that any information related to promotion and sales or anything else reaches to everybody and all of them stay informed.
  3. Ask sales team’s contribution in content creation: Most of you won’t agree with the statement, but ask sales team too to contribute in this section. They can suggest you about what customers actually like to see and read when they study your content. Of course, this is because of the fact that sales team knows audience well and in-person.
  4. Knowledge sharing: Here you need to invest a little. For proper flow communication outside the meetings, you should provide your teams the right tools to stay connected with each other.

Chat app like slack is a great way to do so. This way they will share information with each other whenever they want to.

  1. Plan outings for both the team together: This part is essential because outings, fun-parties etc. will help both the teams to get close to each other. This will increase their interaction and understanding with each other and that’s what actually required.
  2. Using Website Visitor Tracking Software: A visitor tracking software tool is a great way to bridge the sales and marketing efforts for lead generation. Identifying business website visitors on your site and viewing their activity allows marketers to feed the sales team members with new, qualified leads to follow up with. 


From the above discussion, it is concluded that for the effective growth of business both the teams, sales and marketing needs to walk in synchronization with each other. Together they not only will help one another to achieve one’s target but take the business to a totally new level.

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