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Safe and Sound: 5 Rules Every Driver Should Know

According to Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the state of Georgia got its first taste of high traffic fatalities in Georgia in 2017.

In 2015, there was an alarming increase of 257 more deaths greater than in 2014 and 2016. The rate of traffic fatalities increased again by more than 1,537 this year.

To reduce this rate and prevent further fatalities from occurring, the traffic enforcers and safety officers in Georgia implemented the following checklists for drivers:

Always Buckle Up

Using Seat Belts could be your life saver and is the easiest ways to reduce the chances of acquiring serious injuries in a car crash. However, in the state of Georgia, more or less, 50 percent of traffic accidents and fatalities were due to the failure of wearing seatbelts. GDOT reminds the drivers to wear seatbelts habitually before they even start the car.

Pay attention

There are many dangerous road distractions behind the wheel that can slow down a driver’s response time to unexpected hazards which often lead to fatal driving mistakes.

According to GDOT, the bad behaviors of drivers resulted in thousands of fatalities in Georgia, like texting while driving and other distracting activities.

Don’t Overspeed

Overspeeding is most of the time, the major factor in fatal pedestrian accidents throughout the whole state of Georgia and everywhere else. The hazards of driving beyond the posted speed limit are that it hinders the driver’s reaction time to respond to sudden changes in the traffic flow.

Drivers should consider slowing down below the posted speed limit and leave more space between vehicles in front especially when the weather condition is bad, or traffic conditions are affected by another issue such as construction.

Overspeeding is not only dangerous, but it can also rip your pockets. The penalties for speeding and other legislated surcharges start at 40 dollars up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the gravity of offenses, following Georgia’s State Code, 40-6-181.

Drive Defensively

It’s also imperative for drivers to  maintain their calmness while maneuvering behind the wheel. If another driver says or does something that frustrates you, you shouldn’t  take it personally. Take time to evaluate the possible consequences of your actions if you don’t keep your temper cool.


It pays to be cautious. Traffic rules exist because you need to abide by them. Always be the responsible driver behind the wheel! While it’s true that you can never control other variables in accidents, it’s still better to take extra precautions all the time while you are on the road.

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