Role of Artificial Intelligence in Vehicle Tracking

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In today’s world, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence has made our lives easier and more convenient. With the help of AI, vehicles can now be tracked automatically without the driver having to do anything. This technology helps to reduce accidents on roads. There are many benefits of using video surveillance systems.

Artificial intelligence (AI) also is used for Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems. This technology makes use of optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm on the images and reads vehicle registration plates. After then it updates the vehicle location database.

Types of ANPR System:

  • Fixed System: This ANPR system is installed at specific locations and at times. Common examples of this system are toll booths, national and international border crossings, etc.
  • Mobile System: These types of ANPR systems are carried by vehicles and can be used to scan the registration plates of other vehicles. Mobile ANPR systems are typically used by police cars to track wanted vehicles.

Working of the ANPR system:

The key components of the ANPR system are an Imaging hardware or digital image-capturing unit, a processing unit, and video analytics algorithms. The working procedure of the ANPR system is given below.

  • Video or Image acquisition:

The video surveillance system, containing the image-capturing unit, captures the video or image that contains one or multiple registration plates. If necessary, it makes use of infrared lighting to capture images at night hours

  • Registration plate detection and cropping image:

In this step, different machine learning and computer vision methods are used to detect vehicle registration plates. The methods vary to the computing resources needed, speed and accuracy of image or video, complexity, etc. Generally, it detects vehicles using OCR algorithm and crop the vehicle number plate. After image cropping the image normalization methods are applied like sharpening, distortion and enhancement of image.

  • Extraction and reading of the number plate:

OCR software is used to detect vehicle registration plate area and convert it into text format. We can customize the OCR software with different character sets to use the same ANPR system in different countries. The output of this step includes the Vehicle registration plate number, often with the region or country identifier.

  • Use registration plate information:

The Vehicle number plate data is stored in the database. This data can be used to compare with several blacklist or whitelist number plate data. If found the respective address and location of vehicle owner can be returned.

Applications of the ANPR system:

  • Smart parking management systems
  • Law Enforcements system
  • Intelligent traffic Management system
  • Journey time analysis system of vehicle.
  • Tool booth.
  • International Boundary security systems.

The ANPR system are widely accepted as they automate manual tasks, highly efficient space management, governance, and increasing the customer experience.

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